An Escape From Reality


Chapter 35: Deep Lover (10) On Friday was the annual Qixi Festival, the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day. Gu Yiyin had been busy recently. It had been a long time since he had a good date with Su Yunluo. On this day, he wanted to go on a romantic date with her. A week ago, he […]


Chapter 34: Deep Lover (9) It was Mother Gu who reacted first in the end. “You’re Yiyin’s girlfriend, right? Hi, I’m his mom.” Su Yunluo hastily wiped the foam from her mouth. “Auntie, how are you? I’m Su Yunluo.” She invited her in to sit down in the living room. After that, a glass of […]

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10 thoughts on “Home

    1. The password is the chapter plus its number. For example if the protected chapter is chapter 12, the password would be:

      Or if it’s chapter 13 then the password would be:

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    1. Thank you hisrainblog.

      Same with other protected chapters. Just change the number according to the # of chapter


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