Chapter 1: Prologue


At the wedding, Mu Yu slowly walked up the red carpet on her father’s arm, and on the other side of the red carpet was her groom, Ling Yuan.

“Treat my daughter well, I don’t want what happened in the past to happen again.” Father Mu’s tone implied a warning.  

“Dad, it was all my fault in the past, I swear I will treat Xiaoyu well in the future,” Ling Yuan said sincerely.

“Dad, don’t worry, Ling Yuan will treat me well in the future,” said Mu Yu, who was also helping out.

With his daughter saying this, Father Mu could only reluctantly hand Mu Yu over to Ling Yuan.

Mu Yu and Ling Yuan stood in front of the priest and listened to his vows.


“Bridegroom Ling Yuan, do you take Mu Yu to be your wife from this day forward.

No matter how poor?”

“I am willing. “Ling Yuan’s face was affectionate.

“Bride Mu Yu, do you wish to marry Ling Yuan as your husband from this day forward?

“I do,” Mu Yu replied firmly.

“Now, please ask the groom to kiss the bride.”

Ling Yuan lifted the white veil in front of Mu Yu and kissed her red lips.

Applause rang out all around.

A handsome man not far away applauded with all his effort.


His eyes were blessing the bride, and also contained pain that cannot be neglected.

“Xiaoyu, you must be happy. The love I failed to say can only be hidden in my heart forever.”


She returned to her room and went on reading.

When it’s done for, Su Yunluo turned off her phone resentfully and fell into a soft bed, feeling very speechless. 

The heroine was blⓘnd, hurt by the hero, so there was nothing acceptable about him. 

Su Yunluo was reading the novel “The overwhelming President’s Escaped Wife” recently.

The man, Ling Yuan, was a super flⓘrtatious rich man who loved another, while the woman, Mu Yu, was his wife and was deeply in love with him. 


However, Ling Yuan thought she was incomprehensible, and he was forced by his parents’ desire to marry her. 

He had no feelings for her, so he was very disgusted and often not returning home at night.

Mu Yu was heartbroken over this but never mentioned it to Mu Father, only saying that Ling Yuan was good to her. 

And when Mu’s father saw that Ling Yuan was so flⓘrtatious, he was furious and called Ling Yuan to give him a warning. 

Thinking that it was Mu Yu’s complaint, Ling Yuan went home furiously to question Mu Yu, humiliated her with various words, and forced her against her will.

Later, Mu Yu became pregnant and happily told Ling Yuan. 


Who knew that Ling Yuan wanted her to ⓐb0rt the child. 

Mu Yu bⓔgged him not to ⓐb0rt the baby, but Ling Yuan didn’t budge and even brutally kicked her lower abdomen several times.

She was heartbroken and returned to her family to recuperate. 

The man, who was her d0ct0r, was very distressed by her experience and fell in love with her.

He took care of her in every possible way. 

Under his care, Mu Yu soon got better. 

On the other hand, after Mu Yu left, Ling Yuan realized that he was in love with her and ran to the Mu family for forgiveness. 

Father Mu chased him away many times, but he refused to leave and even knelt before Mu Yu to repent. 


Mu Yu still had feelings for him and softened to forgive him. 

The result was that the two of them held another wedding, happily together, leaving the affectionate man alone. 

Su Yunluo wanted to look up to the sky and scream.

The heroine was mentally disablⓔd, forced by the man, and even kicked the child ruthlessly, but was forgiven after a few words.

And the affectionate man with how good the treatment, she was not moved at all.

She turned her head and ran into the arms of the scⓤm man. 

Su Yunluo scolded the main characters in her heart and turned her heart to feel sorry for the affectionate man.


“Such a good man, not only rich and affectionate. If she were the female lead, she would immediately dump the scⓤmbag male and be with the other man. But well, forget about these thoughts, it was just fiction, it was not real.”

In the end, Su Yunluo viciously vomited in her heart once more, before she went to sleep contentedly.

The sleeping one didn’t know that her voice was captured by some unscrupulous system.

Suddenly, a white mist enveloped her, and she disappeared.

Su Yunluo opened her eyes and found herself in a white space. 

The surroundings were all white, there was nothing, and she was the only one in the space. 

“Where is this place?”


Why is she here? Su Yunluo’s heart was a little flⓤstered. 

At this time, a cheerful voice sounded in the air:

“Welcome host to Save Male Support System.”

“Save the Male Support System what the hⓔll is this?” Su Yunluo said loudly.

 “Where is this place as well? Who are you? Why are you not coming out?” 

Su Yunluo looked around and still didn’t see anyone.

“Stop looking, host. You can’t see me. As for this system space, host, you’ve been chosen by the Lord to perform tasks. I am the guide of this system, you can call me 001 or just call me system master.”


“What the hⓔll is the system master! I don’t care, you must send me back to the original place, or don’t blame me!” Su Yunluo threatened.

“Host, I’m afraid you won’t be able to return now unless you complete the mission.”

“If I don’t complete it?” Su Yunluo continued to speak.

“Host you will be wiped out, thus disappearing from this world and not being able to return to your original world.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yunluo suddenly fell silent.  

“Host, you don’t have to worry so much. As long as you complete the quest and save up enough points, you can go back to your original world.”

“Why did you choose me?” Su Yunluo suddenly asked. 


The system was stunned for a moment before answering, “Don’t you want to be the female lead and be paired with the sweet and kind man? The Lord God captured your heart, and then got you into this system.”

Su Yunluo was silent again.

‘F*ck your mother! D*mn, it turned out that he had pitied her.’

She regretted it.

“Host, you don’t have to be like this. Think about it. You can experience a different life as you enter a different world to complete your quests. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your quests fulfilled, and then you can go back to your old world?'”

 For a long time, Su Yunluo finally gave in.

 “Alright, I will complete the tasks.”


There was no way.

This is all caused by herself, and she had to suffer. 

“However, what is the mission?” Su Yunluo asked again.

“Host, do not worry about that. You’ll know when you enter the mission world. Host, do you want to enter now?”

Su Yunluo nodded, to finish early and return early. 

“About to enter the new world, five, four, three, two, one”.

As soon as the system’s voice fell, Su Yunluo disappeared into the system space.


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