Quick Transmigration: All the Supporting Male Leads Are Mine

Novel Description

Author: 风琉璃的夏天

In romance novels, no matter how much the man hurts the woman, the woman still loves the man.

The man has the face and the money but not the heart to love the woman.

Lord! He just couldn’t give a little pity to the lady and she didn’t even end up in a good place.


Su Yunluo said: I’m very unconvinced! Are you blⓘnd, Mistress? You have to like the scⓤm lord instead of the sweet and kind man! If it were me, I would have kicked out the scⓤm master and lived happily ever after with my man!

So, “unfortunately”, her voice was captured by the system, and she entered the world of quick transmigration as she wished. To rescue the man in love and join hands with him on the road to happiness and richness!

Sweet romance, she quietly dug a hole for herself. The main reason for this was that, the specific update time has not yet been determined.  You can collect your favorites first!


Not Your Neighbor’s Corner:

Life has been very interesting, so my loves, go easy on me. This is not an official translation.

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A fickle oxygen user who constantly produces carbon dioxide. A full pledged donor of dead bacteria, cellulose, cholesterol, other fats, calcium phosphate, iron phosphate and protein.

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