Chapter 2: Divorced Wealthy Lady (1)


When Su Yunluo opened her eyes again, she found herself in a very luxurious room.

She surveyed the room.

The walls were painted pink, the bed was princess style, and almost all of the place as far as the nⓐked eye could see was in pink tones.

Whether it was curtains, carpet or sofa.

She got up and opened her wardrobe, and sure enough, even the clothes were pink, and most of them were mainly dresses.

It was clear from the entire room’s furnishings that the owner of the room was very spoiled.

Well, the room was very beautiful and dreamy, but Su Yunluo said that she didn’t like it too much.


Although she had come here to do a mission, her mood was also important.

So for her to be in a happy mood, she had to change the dressing of this room.

Su Yunluo walked into the bathroom, looked at the face reflected in the mirror, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Su Yunluo thought that her face was already very beautiful, but it was still far from the original mistress.

The young girl in the mirror had a palm-sized, pointed melon face, delicate facial features, curved willowy eyebrows, large, watery eyes, small and beautiful nose, and a red and full cherry mouth that made you want to take a bite.

When smiling, the eyes curved into a crescent shape, they were very cute.

However, the eyes that should have been bright and large are swollen up like walnuts.


The eyes were still red, and there were still tears left in the corners of her eyes.

As for the reason for crying, it was the female lead’s fiancé.

The woman, Su Yunluo, went to the man’s company for a date yesterday but ended up bumping into him and his female partner doing something indescribable.

The female lead asked the male in anger, but he ran away from her enraged.

The female lead was heartbroken that she cried all night.

The time when Su Yunluo passed through was the next morning.

The next story was that the man came to ask the woman to withdraw her marriage.

But now it was Su Yunluo, she wouldn’t let this happen.


The male owner was still entangled with the female partner despite having a marriage contract, and Su Yunluo said that this kind of behavior was inexcusable.

Therefore, even if she wanted to withdraw from the marriage, she should still be the one to bring it up.

Su Yunluo used a hot towel to compress her eyes for a while, finally making them look less swollen.

She opened her wardrobe and picked out a not so pink dress to change into.

Then when she opened the door, she saw a lady’s hand stretched out in the air, looking like she was going to knock on her door.

The lady was stunned for a moment.

“Look, are you okay?”


Her eyes were full of concern.

“Mother, I’m fine. ” Su Yunluo raised a smile.

The lady was Su Yunluo’s mother and loved Su Yunluo very much.

“That’s good, let’s go down for breakfast.”

Her mother, Su Mu, sighed out of relief.

Su Yunluo and Su Mu walked down and saw a tall man sitting at the dining table.

He was reading the newspaper, so his face couldn’t be seen.

When the man heard the noise, he put down the newspaper and saw the mother and daughter beside the stairs and revealed a smile.


“Come and have a meal.”

The man was about fifty years old.

His black hair was neatly combed, and fine lines creeped up at the corners of his eyes that made him more attractive.

The eyes were full of wisdom, unintentionally revealing the light that people dare not underestimate.

However, when he looked at his wife and daughter, his eyes were soft and filled with love.

This person was Su Yunluo’s father, Su Su.

Su Yunluo shouted for her father and sat down opposite the man.

Father Su’s inquiring gaze looked towards Mother Su, who shook her head slightly.


After the three of them finished their breakfast, Su Yunluo said something that surprised the couple.

“Mom and Dad, let’s go to the Qi family later to divorce!”

“Luoluo, can you tell mother what happened to make this decision?”

Mother Su looked at her with concern.

Su Yunluo calmly told her parents exactly what happened yesterday.

Both the couple were very angry.

“outrageous! The Qi family is a bully.”

Father Su’s face was filled with anger.


“But Luoluo, have you thought this through?”

Mother Su spoke cautiously.

Her daughter was infatuated with the Qi family, while the Qi boy had no intention of falling in love with Luoluo.

She and Father Su had wanted to break off the marriage contract with the Qi family several times, but Luoluo refused and was determined to think that she would one day move him.

Now that she had taken the initiative to break off the engagement, she seemed to have been hurt.

It was easy to dissolve the marriage contract, but Su Mu was just worried that Su Yunluo couldn’t let go.


“Mom and dad, I’ve already made up my mind. Brother Yunxuan is entangled with other woman. He doesn’t care about his fiancee.

That means he doesn’t like me. He doesn’t care about me at all, so I don’t have to force myself on him. I am not obliged to him. There are many good men in the world. I will always find a man who is better than him and more worthy of my love and affection. “

Su Yunluo looked calm, not a single tear remained.

However, this appearance of hers, in the eyes of the her parents, they thought she was acting strong and were even more distressed for her.

“Mom and Dad, when you go to withdraw the marriage later, don’t talk about what happened yesterday. I don’t want to have anything to do with him after today.” Su Yunluo pleaded.


She was also doing this just in case, he had to blame himself if anything happened in the future.

After today, she would draw a clear line with that scⓤm man.

It would be none of her business if he and his female partner did what they wanted afterward.

“Don’t worry, Mom and Dad have a sense of propriety, and will never give the Qi family a chance to disturb you again.”

Mother Su spoke firmly.

“Thank you, Mom and Dad.”

Su Yunluo looked grateful.

“Silly girl, you’re our daughter, what’s there to be grateful for.”


Father Su lovingly str0ked her head.

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