Chapter 4: Divorced Wealthy Lady (3)


“Miss Su.”

Qi Yunxuan didn’t know what was in his mind and took the initiative to call her for the first time.

Su Yunluo turned her head and looked at him with a puzzled face.

“What happened yesterday…”

Before Qi Yunxuan could continue, Su Yunluo interrupted him, “Did anything happen yesterday? “

Her attitude made it clear that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Qi Yunxuan choked, “No matter what, I still want to thank you for being willing to break off the engagement.”


“No need to thank me, this is an act of small revenge I’ve taken against you.”

Su Yunlu looked at him very calmly.

Revenge? Qi Yunxuan was once again confused.

“Qi Yunxuan, if I’m not mistaken, in a short while you’re going to ask me to break off the engagement.”

She paused and continued,

“Everyone outside knows that you don’t like me and secretly laughs at me for stalking you. Do you know how other people will look at me and my parents once you propose to break off the engagement first? I’m fine with being laughed at, but I will never allow my parents to be ridiculed by others because of me. I’m afraid you haven’t thought about this. You only want to get rid of me as soon as possible. After yesterday’s incident, I can see clearly that you will not like me.I’m irritating you, it’s meaningless. The disgrace will not implicate Mom and Dad, simply by me proposing the termination of the engagement, so that both of us is fulfilled.”


The girl’s insight into everything made Qi Yunxuan felt selfish for no reason.

Yes, he did not think about it by himself.

What kind of consequences the dissolution of marriage would inflict her.

He just wanted to get rid of her sooner, ignoring how much harm gossip would bring to a girl.

Thinking like this, Qi Yunxuan looked at her with a bit of guilt.

“I… I’m sorry.”

He said the words with great difficulty.

Su Yunluo was calm throughout.


“I said, you don’t need to apologize. The former Su Yunluo is deⓐd, and now standing in front of you is the brand new Su Yunluo. I’m sorry for pestering you before. Please forgive me for what I have done. As for the future, you don’t have to worry. I won’t bother you anymore.”

Her eyes were clean and clear, and Qi Yunxuan finally believed that what she said was true, that she didn’t love him.

For some reason, while he was relieved, he felt a little bit lost at the same time.

“If there are no surprises, you and I shouldn’t see each other again in the future.

I wish you happiness. I’ll leave first if there’s nothing else.”

After saying that, Su Yunluo didn’t wait for him to say something.

She turned around to leave.


Qi Yunxuan stood in the same place, looking a bit complicated.

He found that he never seemed to understand her.

At the end of the day, Su Yunluo lay on her bed tiredly.

After breaking off the engagement with the male master, all the resentment in her chest that belonged to the original mistress had dissipated quite a bit.

From an onlooker’s perspective, the male master, Qi Yunxuan, could be said to be impeccable.

With a good family background, and being rich and capable.

It was no wonder that the female lead liked him.

He was also one of the three young men of the capital.


The other two, Su Yun Che, the female lead’s brother, a demon who spoiled his sister.

And Wen Nan Jin, the world’s affectionate man who loved the female lead with all his heart.

These three were all giants that could be the golden tortoise’s son-in-law.

They were rich and powerful.

They never had any scandals.

They could be said to be the representatives of good men.

No one knew how many women are waiting in line to marry them.

Even though Qi Yunxuan had her as his fiancée, those women were still eager for him.


They all knew for a fact that Qi Yunxuan didn’t like his fiancée, so they still had a chance.

Now that she and Qi Yunxuan had broken off their engagement, no one knew how many women’s wishes came true.

Unfortunately, in the original plot, Qi Yunxuan was taken by the kind and unpretentious mistress, Mu Yuqing.

And she, the female lead, was very sad.

The male host had taken the initiative to break off the engagement, and the female lead still had to run between the male host and the female antagonist’s relationship to be the demon.

As a result, the male host got angry and brought down the Su family.

The female lead naturally did not get a good end.


But now I’m not afraid, I have nothing to do with him.

As long as she stayed away from him, she didn’t have to worry about the Su family collapsing.

In other words, the original Mistress’s wish had been fulfilled.

The original Mistress had two more wishes: one was to become a famous fashion designer, and the other was to be with her male counterpart.

The man has yet to appear, so this wish can be put on hold.

As for becoming a fashion designer, this was simple.

The original mistress studied fashion designing and had very deep attainments.


In the end, she gave up her love of fashion designing for Qi Yunxuan and forced herself to learn all that business knowledge just to help him after marriage.

The woman was really stupid, she had a great future, but she gave it up for a man who didn’t love her.

And even the style of clothing was changed to suit the male host, which she didn’t like herself.

If she wanted to become a famous fashion designer, then she had to start preparing herself now in making a name for herself.

The first thing she needed to do was to change her dressing style.

If a fashion designer couldn’t even wear clothes that suited her, how could she even begin?


Tomorrow, she would change all the clothes in her wardrobe.

Next, she would also have her studio and brand created.

Thinking about it, Su Yunluo was lost in a daze and fell asleep.

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Chapter 3: Divorced Wealthy Lady (2)


The Qi family.

Mother Qi was pruning the flower branches in the back garden.

The housekeeper came over from a short distance away, “Madam, Miss Su, President Su as well as Madam Su came to visit.”

Mother Qi put down the scissors and slowly walked towards the living room.

The three Su family members were already sitting in the living room waiting, and the maid had just served them tea.

“Relative-in-law, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Mother Qi greeted them warmly.


“There’s Luoluo, auntie hasn’t seen you for a while. I miss Luoluo.” Mother Qi intimatⓔly pulled her hand.

Su Yunluo was a little uncomfortable and smiled a little awkwardly.

Mother Su rounded up the scene, “Shu Ya (Mother Qi’s name), is Yunxuan here? This time we came here to have something to talk to you.”

“Yunxuan is in the study talking to his father about something, I’ll go call them. “

Mother Qi thought their attitude was a bit strange, but didn’t think much of it and walked upstairs to call Father Qi and son.

After a while, a few people came downstairs.

Father Qi was happy to see them.


“Old Su, long time no see. I was thinking of going to your house in a few days to kⓘll a few games of chess.”

“Uncle Su, Aunt Su.” Qi Yunxuan faintly greeted.

When Father Su and Mother Su saw him, the smile on their faces faded and they only nodded their heads.

Mother Qi saw that the atmosphere was a bit off, and hurriedly opened her mouth to round things out, “You child, Luoluo is also there, why don’t you even say hello to her.”

“Miss Su.” Qi Yunxuan’s tone was cold as if she was a stranger, not his fiancée.

“Brother Yunxuan.” Su Yunluo was even colder than him.

After greeting him, she looked away, as if she didn’t want to see him again.


Qi Yunxuan felt slightly surprised.

Hasn’t she always been the most clingy? How suddenly so indifferent? Could it be because of yesterday?

But the surprise was only a moment, and soon returned to normal.

The atmosphere suddenly become awkward again, even the thick-headed Father Qi, felt a bit unusual.

Mother Qi smiled and spoke, “Right, old Qi, old Su said there’s something he wants to talk to us about.”

Hearing that, Father Qi looked at Father Su in confusion.

“It’s like this, we came over today because of the two children’s matter.”


Father Su slowly spoke.

“What happened to the two children?”

Father Qi was in the clouds, and Mother Qi was also at a loss.

Qi Yunxuan seemed to know what Su Su was going to say.

He looked towards Father Su, but his hand was quietly clenched.

“Last night, we decided to cancel our engagement with you after thinking about it all night.”

Father Su tossed out a “b0mb” in a light tone.

Qi couple were sh0cked.


“Dear in-laws, what’s going on? The two children are fine, why do you suddenly want to call off the engagement?”

Mother Qi took the lead.

“Did this brat do something to make Luoluo angry?”

Father Qi was also anxious.

He was hot-tempered and turned to hit Qi Yunxuan.

Mother Qi hurriedly stopped him,

“Calm down, can’t you say anything?”

The Su family also persuaded him, finally calming Father Qi’s anger down.


At this time, Father Su explained.

“When we first made the marriage contract, we were both very happy and the two children were a good match. But after thinking about it later, I don’t think it was too well thought out. We didn’t even ask the two children if they were willing.”

Mother Su added, “Yes, I’ve asked Luoluo in private, and Luoluo said that she likes Yun Xuan. But it’s just her sister’s fondness for her brother. Not the love of a man and a woman. Thinking about it, it’s better to break off the engagement, so that it won’t delay the two children.”

“Then earlier, Luoluo …”

Mother Qi felt very confused.

She had seen Su Yunluo following Qi Yunxuan all day long.


She just liked him?’

“Auntie, I was young and ignorant.

I mistakenly regarded the feelings of brothers and sisters as the feelings of men and women, which caused your misunderstanding and caused a lot of trouble for Brother Yunxuan. I feel sorry. Now I’ve thought clearly, I don’t like brother Yunxuan. Then I can’t delay him, so I also ask uncle and auntie to agree for us to cancel our marriage contract.”

Su Yunluo looked sincere.

Mother Qi looked to the silent Qi Yunxuan who was on the side.

“Yunxuan, what do you think?”

Everyone looked at him in unison.


“Dad, Mom, I don’t have any love for Miss Su.”

Qi Yunxuan said slowly.

Mother Qi sighed.

“Since neither of the two children has any such intentions, I think the marriage contract should be canceled.”

Father Qi also felt very regretful.

“It’s a pity that Luoluo is so good, it’s our family’s lack of luck.”

“Children have their ideas, there’s nothing we parents can do, we can’t be in-laws, we’re still friends ah.” Father Su said with a smile.

“Yeah, yeah,” echoed Mother Su.


Finally canceling their engagement, Su Yunluo let out a sigh of relief.

This scene fell into Qi Yunxuan’s eyes, and a faint confusion appeared in his eyes.

After chatting about the marriage contract, Father Qi insisted on playing chess with Father Su, and Father Su only had to accompany him.

Mother Qi, on the other hand, and Mother Su were chatting about the gossip of the upper-class circles.

Looking at this situation, she wouldn’t be able to return home for a while.

So Su Yunluo felt a bit bored and went for a walk in the Qi family’s back garden.


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