Chapter 5: Divorced Wealthy Lady (4)


The next day, Su Yunluo shared her plans to the Su couple.

The parents were very supportive of her.

Su couple knew that their daugheter was very talented in fashion designing.

They were very democratic and would not force a child to learn anything.

However, Su Yunche showed a strong interest in the business from a young age and was highly talented.

When he reached adulthood, Father Su was very relieved to leave the large Su Group to him.

Su Yunche lived up to expectations and led the Su Group to a peak.


Su Yunluo, on the other hand, was interested in fashion designing, so the family spent a lot of money to send her to study abroad and graduated with excellent results.

But unfortunately, she gave up her hobby for Qi Yunxuan.

Now that Su Yunluo had regained her interest in fashion designing, the Su family naturally raised their hands in approval.

They also thought that she can thus get over the pain that Qi Yunxuan brought her.

Su Yunluo also asked her mother to accompany her to go shopping, saying that she wanted the entire room’s decoration as well as the wardrobe’s clothes.

Mother Su happily agreed, as for Father Su, he sent his credit card to the mother and daughter’s hands nicely.


The mother and daughter went to the shopping area to buy here and there, and when they returned, they brought a lot of “spoils of war”.

Back home, Su Yunluo was busy calling the maid to redecorate the room according to her requirements, and so the day passed.

Looking at the new room, Su Yunluo nodded her head in satisfaction.

In the next period, Su Yunluo began to make preparations for setting up her studio.

The brand name, logo, studio location, decoration, etc., kept her busy all day.

One month later, Su Yunluo’s studio was finally established.

The studio’s name and brand name was “Chloe”, which means youthful and beautiful.


The clothes were mainly light and extravagant designs, so the prices weren’t expensive, and every piece of clothing was all designed by Su Yunluo herself and was limited in quantity.

There were also customized models.

Su Yunluo would measure the size, and then designed it according to the customer’s requirements, but the price would be a little more expensive.

On the day the studio opened, many people came over to celebrate.

The clothes in Su Yunluo’s studio were novel and fashionable and were welcomed by them.

They were sold out on the opening day, which was considered a good start.


After that, Su Yunluo’s studio began to slowly get on track and was doing better and better.

The Su couple was finally relieved when they saw that she was devoted to the studio and was very indifferent when they mentioned Qi Yunxuan.

His influence was finally relieved.

On this day, Su Yunluo was drawing designs in the studio when she heard the wind chime at the door, then the door was pushed open.

She raised her head, “Welcome.”

Before she finished her words, she was surprised and shouted, “Brother!”

Su Yunche had spent the past two months dealing with things at his branch abroad.


So everything about domestic matters was learned from his parents’ phone calls, including his own sister’s termination of her engagement with Qi Yunxuan and the opening of her studio.

Although the Su couple said on the phone that Su Yunluo was doing well and had not been affected, Su Yunche still felt uneasy and rushed to Su Yunlu’s studio as soon as he returned home.

“Bad girl, why didn’t you tell your brother that such a big thing happened? If it wasn’t for Mom and Dad mentioning it to me, how long would you have to hide it from me?” Su Yunche slightly complained.

“Oh, brother, it’s not like I didn’t tell you on purpose, and it’s not a big deal.” Su Yunluo said softly.

“Isn’t breaking the engagement a big deal? And let me ask you, are you not fond of that brat from Qi family anymore?”


When mentioning Qi Yunxuan, Su Yunche was very unhappy.

He used to watch Qi Yunxuan follow him, but he couldn’t get into his good side.

Su Yunche was so angry.

Ah, my sister has been spoiled and raised since childhood, and that man is so cheap. Fortunately, she has already disengaged from the marriage contract.

“I don’t like him already, it’s not like I don’t have anyone else to like.

So why chase and run after him?”

Seeing Su Yunluo’s indifferent face when he mentioned Qi Yunxuan, Su Yunche was finally relieved.


“Alright. Look who else is coming over to see you.”

Su Yunche looked behind him.

Su Yunluo followed.

A handsome and gentleman stood there smiling at the siblings.

This person was the male match, Wen Nanjin.

“Brother Nanjin.”

Su Yunluo’s eyes lit up and smiled as she greeted him.

Wen Nanjin walked up to Su Yunluo and rubbed her hair.

“Luoluo, it’s been a long time.”


His tone and action was full of affection, looking at her gently, hiding a hidden love.

“Brother Nanjin, you’ve messed up someone’s hair.”

Su Yunluo was slightly dissatisfied.

Wen Nanjin just smiled indulgently.

“By the way, brother Nanjin, why are you with brother?”

Su Yunluo looked at them suspiciously.

Su Yunche explained, “I met Nanjin on the plane.  He also happened to be traveling in country D. When he heard that you had opened a studio, he came over with me to see you.”

They chatted for a while.

Just as it was time for dinner.

Wen Nanjin proposed to eat together, and Su Yunluo gathered her things and left with them.

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