Chapter 7: Divorced Wealthy Lady (6)


There were luxury cars parked at the entrance, and many wealthy men have arrived one after another.

In the banquet hall, guests gathered, the glasses were staggered, the men held champagne and talked with others, and the ladies gathered with acquaintances to chat about the gossip of high society.

Su Yunluo walked into the banquet hall holding Wen Nanjin’s hand and saw such a scene.

The people in the banquet hall also looked at them, from time to time.

Su Yunluo could hear them secretly discussing.

Even though it had been some time ago, the matter about their own and Qi family’s broken engagement was still a hot topic for them.

 Su Yunluo didn’t care, but Wen Nanjin on the side looked at her worriedly.

“Luoluo, are you alright?”


Su Yunluo smiled sweetly, “Brother Nanjin, I’m fine. Let them say what they want to say. It won’t have any effect on me.”

Wen Nanjin saw that she didn’t have any abnormalities, so he felt relieved and took her to clink glasses with the people she knew well.

The friends that Wen Nanjin made were all representatives of the upper-class circles who were clean, so Su Yunluo was happy to get to know them.

She saw her good friend, and after speaking to Wen Nanjin, she went to find her.

“Zhen Zhen,” Su Yunluo smiled and greeted a sweet-looking girl.

Ye Zhen Zhen was also happy to see her, “Luoluo, how did you come here?”

“Brother Nanjin invited me to be his female companion, so I came over,” Su Yunluo smiled and explained.

Ye Zhenzhen was one of her good sisters.

Her social circle was not wide, only five or six good sisters Ye Zhenzhen, but they all truly treated Su Yunluo sincerely.


When the engagement was broken, each of them called or went to her home to comfort her, making Su Yunluo very touched.

“Are they all not here?” Su Yunluo was referring to the other sisters.

“They’re over there. I’ll take you over there.” Ye Zhen Zhen led Su Yunluo to them.

A few people were chatting enthusiastically and laughter continued.

At this time, there was a commotion from over the doorway.

Su Yunluo looked over, and it was Qi Yunxuan who had brought his female companion over.

His female companion was the female match, Mu Yuqing.

Mu Yuqing’s appearance was of a delicate style.

Giving a very weak feeling, the type that men loved very much.

She was wearing a small lake green dress with very light makeup on her face.


Standing next to the tall Qi Yunxuan, she looked very petite.

She seemed to be attending the banquet for the first time.

Her expression was a little uneasy.

She bit her lips subconsciously.  

The pitiful appearance could easily arouse a man’s desire for protection.

She kind of understood why Qi Yunxuan liked her.

“Bah, a white lotus flower, what’s the point of pretending to be weak,” Ye Zhen Zhen’s tone was a bit disdainful.

Su Yunluo felt a bit funny, “Zhen Zhen, don’t talk about people like that even if you don’t like them.”

“But people really think she is very good,” Ye Zhen Zhen pouted.

She didn’t really like that kind of girl who was very weak and wouldn’t do anything and needed to be taken care of in every way.


She rather appreciated girls who were independent.

Su Yunluo shook her head and had to let her.

She herself didn’t feel like it, but the other thousand girls present and Ye Zhenzhen were of the same mind.

Listening to them, they seemed to dislike Mu Yuqing’s weak appearance.

It seemed that Mu Yuqing was very unpopular.

After a while, Su Yunluo’s eyes dropped over to Qi Yunxuan walking in their direction with Mu Yuqing.

“Miss Su,” Qi Yunxuan stood three steps away from her and greeted lightly.

“Young Master Qi,” Su Yunluo was also very cold.

“Miss Su, this is my female companion, Mu Yuqing.”

Qi Yunxuan didn’t care about Su Yunluo’s cold attitude and introduced Mu Yuqing to her.

“Qing Qing, this is Miss Su Yunluo.”


When Qi Yunxuan introduced Su Yunluo to Mu Yuqing, she actually heard a little gentleness.

It seems that Qi Yunxuan really loves Mu Yuqing.

But what’s up with him bringing his current lover to greet her, his ex-fiancée?

“Miss Su, hello.” Mu Yuqing stretched out her hand, her voice was soft.

“Hello, Miss Mu.” Su Yunluo stretched out her hand and shook back, then let go.

After greeting, Qi Yunxuan left with Mu Yuqing.

“Luoluo, why are you talking to them?” Ye Zhen Zhen was slightly dissatisfied.

“When people come over to say hello, I can’t ignore them, right?” Su Yunluo smiled and explained.

“But Qi Yunxuan brought Mu Yuqing over to greet you, aren’t you angry, Luoluo?” Ye Zhen Zhen is a bit confused.


Although Luoluo has already said that she doesn’t like Qi Yunxuan, but after all, it was once her fiancé. Even if she doesn’t get angry, she will.

“What’s there to be angry about? It’s not like they have anything to do with me now. They’re none of my business.”

Su Yunluo smiled.

As a result, the next moment, Su Yunluo hit her face.

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