Chapter 10: Divorced Wealthy Lady (9)


After a four-hour plane ride, Su Yunluo finally arrived in L Country.

The one who came to pick up the plane was her teacher, Michelle.

Michelle gave Su Yunluo a big hug.

Su Yunluo also hugged her back.

Michelle took her to the hotel for a little rest, then proposed to take her to the show, which Su Yunluo agreed.

Michelle took her to the backstage of the fashion show, where many models were rehearsing.

They saw Su Yunluo and were curious.

It wasn’t that those models had never seen a Chinese face before, but they had never seen one as delicate and as beautiful as a doll!

The models wanted to greet Su Yunluo but were afraid of scaring her.


So they all stood a short distance away watching her.

Su Yunluo was the first to approach them, “Hello, my name is Su Yunluo. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Seeing that Su Yunluo was so proactive, the models also greeted her enthusiastically.

They were very interested in Chinese culture, and asked questions about it, which Su Yunluo answered them one by one.

The atmosphere was harmonious.

When one of the organizers of the fashion show came over, a lady who looked very strong. “Beautiful little elf, welcome to this place.”

“This is Ms. A.” Michelle introduced to Su Yunluo.

“Hello, Ms. A.” Su Yunluo greeted her.

The two then discussed the fashion show.


Su Yunluo had a unique opinion and Ms. A praised, “Betty, you spoke so well. I’m sure we’ll have a great time working together.”

This fashion show with the theme of “Court”, for Su Yunluo, was very easy to manage.

After all, China had a history of 5,000 years.

Each dynasty’s clothing style was not the same.

There were a lot of materials available for reference.

Su Yunluo borrowed from Chinese dynasties as well as foreign court costumes and then fused modern elements to produce a beautiful costume.

The top imitated the style of the Manchurian mandarin jacket.

The neckline and cuffs were bordered by a golden silk thread.

The pattern was the colorful Phoenix peony, which was only used by the empress.

The embroidery technique was also used to bring the pattern to life.


There were modified cheongsam velvet dresses and silk blouses with Qing Dynasty coiled buttons.

On the day of the show, the models wore all kinds of Chinese court costumes on the catwalk.

The exquisite costumes and embroidery craft attracted the attention of all the audience.

All were full of praise.

Through this show, Su Yunluo had successfully opened up her popularity internationally.

When the show was over, Su Yunluo and the models stood together for a group photo but she saw Wen Nanjin standing not far away.

Su Yunluo at first thought she was mistaken.

When the group photo ended, Wen Nanjin was still there looking at her, “Brother Nanjin, what are you doing here?”


“I have some friends with the organizer here. She invited me to come over.” Wen Nanjin explained.

That’s when Ms. A came over, “Rick, you and Betty know each other?”

“Well, it’s my friend’s sister.” Wen Nanjin nodded.

“Oh, no wonder.” Ms.A’s looked at them with an ambiguous smile.

After it was over, everyone met up and went to dinner.

Those models saw how handsome Wen Nanjin was, and one by one, they blushed like a teenage girl.

A few boldly took the initiative to confess their love to Wen Nanjin at the dinner table.

But Wen Nanjin refused, saying that he already had someone he liked.

The girl asked who he liked, and Wen Nanjin smiled but did not answer.

The models were confused as they can’t help but revealed, “The person Rick likes is right here.”


Ms. A went on, “I had invited him to come to the show many times earlier and Rick hadn’t come. This time he even asked to come to the show. I thought it was strange, but now I see Betty and I understand. Betty is the sister of Rick’s friend.”

At this point, everyone understood that Wen Nanjin’s sweetheart was Su Yunluo.

Now, the few models who had just asked questions were unable to say anything.

However, one person still added, “Betty is beautiful and talented. I’m convinced to lose to her.”

The conversation turned to Su Yunluo, and the models were asking how long Su Yunluo had been dating him and how they were getting along.

Su Yunluo was overwhelmed by the questions and looked to Wen Nanjin for help.

“Alright, alright, you guys don’t scare our little elf.” Ms. A smiled.

“Yes, I’m chasing this lovely lady, you mustn’t scare her away.” Wen Nanjin said.

“Come on, I’m optimistic about you.” Ms. A winked at Wen Nanjin.


The models laughed, causing Su Yunluo to be strangely embarrassed and quietly glared at Wen Nanjin.

In front of the hotel.

“Brother Nanjin, why did you say that? They all misunderstood.” Su Yunluo was slightly dissatisfied.

“Is it strange? The man is unmarried and the woman is unmarried. What’s wrong with me chasing you? Or is it that, Luoluo you don’t want to see me?” Wen Nanjin looked like he was joking.

“I don’t mean that. It’s just… ” Su Yunluo felt a little depressed.

Seeing this, the smile under Wen Nanjin’s eyes deepened.

‘What to do? Even in anger, it still is so cute.’


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