Chapter 19: Divorced Wealthy Lady (18)


Throughout the night, Su Yunluo completely forgot her fear and had countless orgasms under Wen Nanjin’s physical “comfort”.

At 5:00 AM, Su Yunluo woke up thirsty.

She squinted her eyes and stretched out her hand to grope, but only touched the man’s warm chest.

“What’s wrong?”  

Wen Nanjin grabbed Su Yunluo’s hand, his nasal voice was heavy and was clearly still sleepy.

“Well. I want to drink water.” Su Yunluo’s voice was soft.

The man got up and walked out of the room.

When he came back, he had a cup of warm water in his hand.


Wen Nanjin let her half lean against his bosom, the cup close to her lips.

“Baby, open your mouth.”

His voice was gentle beyond words.

Su Yunluo drank half a glass of water, yawned, and rubbed against Wen Nanjin’s arms.

She went back to sleep.

Wen Nanjin laid down with her in his arms.

Patting her on the back to put her to sleep.

Then hugged her tightly and went back to sleep.

By the time Wen Nanjin woke up, it was already past nine in the morning, the delicate girl in his arms had not yet woken up.


Wen Nanjin was greedy for the warmth and fragrance of this beautiful jade, he lied down for a while before gently releasing her to get up.

After washing up, Wen Nanjin went to the study to attend to business.

The time passed for another two hours, and at this time, Su Yunluo woke up.

Su Yunluo saw there was no one beside her.

She sat up from the bed, her body was fresh and clean, and there was no discomfort except for her limbs that were still a little sore.

She put on her slippers and went to the bathroom to wash up, then left the room to find Wen Nanjin.

When she passed by the study, she saw that Wen Nanjin was sitting behind the desk working.

The man had his eyebrows lowered and was reviewing official documents with a pen in his hand.


They said that serious men were the most handsome, and as expected, she looked at Wen Nanjin who was working seriously and felt a flutter.

Wen Nanjin seemed to sense something and saw Su Yunluo stood at the door of the study.

He revealed a gentle smile, “What are you standing there for, come over.”

She walked over to him, the man pulled hard to let the woman sit on his lap, and kissed her lips.

“Did you sleep well last night?”

She couldn’t help but feel a little shy as she remembered last night’s intimate moments.

But there was no denying it, she slept well last night.

Su Yunluo nodded with a red face.

“Are you hungry?” The man asked again.


The woman honestly nodded her head.

“What do you want to eat, I’ll make it for you.” The man hugged her lovingly.

“Um…” The woman thought for a moment.

“I’d like some spaghetti, is that okay?” The woman tilted her head and asked him.

The woman’s appearance was being so cute, Wen Nanjin doted on her and pinched her cheek, “Of course, I’ll go and make it for you now.”

He pulled the woman up and headed for the kitchen.

Wen Nanjin opened the refrigerator and took out the pasta, onions, tomatoes, carrots, beef stuffing, celery, and other ingredients, and took out the cutting board for vegetables.

Su Yunluo volunteered, “Let me chop the vegetables.”

Although her own cooking skills were not as good as Wen Nanjin’s, cutting the vegetables would still be possible.


Wen Nanjin didn’t let her do it and held her shoulder.

“Be good and don’t do anything, just sit and wait for the food.”

Su Yunluo was a bit helpless, “You’re going to spoil me like this.”

“Just to spoil you, so you can’t leave me.” Wen Nanjin winked.

Su Yunluo blushed at his words.

‘This man, talking about love is really overwhelming.’

The man won’t let her do it, she can only obediently go out and wait.

The aroma of spaghetti soon came from the kitchen.

Su Yunluo’s salivary glands erupted and kept swallowing saliva.

‘I’m so hungry, I’m so hungry. When the hell can I eat it?’


When Wen Nanjin walked out of the kitchen with two plates of pasta, what he saw was Su Yunluo’s small, eager eyes, the craving for food was written all over it.

Wen Nanjin couldn’t help but chuckle.

‘What to do, it feels like she’s getting cuter and cuter.’

Wen Nanjin placed the hot pasta in front of her and brought her a fork, “Hungry, eat.”

Su Yunluo rolled up the pasta with her fork, “Mmmm… So good…” She said vaguely.

Eating without paying attention, the corners of her mouth were covered in meat sauce.

Wen Nanjin smiled and reached out to wipe away the sauce from her mouth, “Eat slowly.”

The man looked at her dotingly.

After the meal, she suggested to wash the dishes, Wen Nanjin stopped her, saying that it would hurt her hands.


He pushed her to the living room.

Su Yunluo stood in the huge living room.

‘Hmm… What should I do?’

Thinking about it, Su Yunluo decided to watch a movie.

She sat in front of the TV, held the remote control and pressed it around, her eyes searching the screen.

When Wen Nanjin walked to the living room, he saw Su Yunluo sitting in front of the TV.

He walked over and sat down beside her, hugging her slender waist, “What are you looking for?”

“Looking for a movie to watch.”

Su Yunluo’s eyes kept staring at the big screen.


Looking for it, she decided to watch a foreign movie.

Su Yunluo leaned into Wen Nanjin’s arms, a bag of potato chips in her hand, and ate while watching.

It was raining again outside.

Listening to the sound of rain, Su Yunluo wanted to sleep again.

She couldn’t help it, when it rained Su Yunluo really wanted to sleep.

She gave up struggling and slowly closed her eyes.

Realizing that the person in his arms was very quiet, Wen Nanjin lowered his head, and saw that Su Yunluo’s head falls little by little, she had fallen asleep.

Wen Nanjin picked her up and headed towards the bedroom, and they took a nap together.


The interior was quiet in the afternoon, and the only sound that could be heard was the sound of rain outside.

As expected, rainy days were still good for sleeping.

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