Chapter 25: Divorced Wealthy Lady (END)


Two years later.

Wen Nanjin slowly opened his eyes, then looked sideways at Su Yunluo at the side.

While she was still sleeping, her breathing was long, and her lips were smiling, as if she was having some kind of beautiful dream.

Wen Nanjin leaned over and imprinted a kiss on her lips, then gently got up.

He went to the next room and gently pushed open the door.

It was a baby room, with two cribs, placed side by side in the most eye-catching place in the middle.

Wen Nanjin gently walked over, his soft eyes looking at the baby sleeping in the crib.

Six months ago, Su Yunluo gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix children.

The eldest was a brother, called Wen Muhan, and the youngest was a sister, called Wen Muya.


The twins were delicate and adorable and had no idea how popular they were.

The twins were very sweet, though, except at times when they would cry when they were hungry or needed a diaper change.

Most of the time they wouldn’t cry, not to mention how easy they were to carry.

That’s when Wen Muhan in the blue crib opened his eyes.

Turning and looking around with big, round eyes, he saw Wen Nanjin.

After a long moment of reaction, he seemed to realize that he was the father and giggled out loud.

“Muhan is awake.”

Wen Nanjin picked him up from the crib gently coaxing him.

When Wen Muhan stayed in his arms, the small hands grasped the clothes on his chest, a soft little ball of softness that made Wen Nanjin’s heart melt.


At this time, Wen Muhan arched his chest, as if he was looking for something, but didn’t find it.

His big eyes began to gather tears, and he looked like he was about to cry.

“Oh… Don’t cry don’t cry… Daddy will go make milk for you.”

Wen Nanjin carried him out of the nursery, went to the kitchen and took out the milk powder as well as a clean bottle, poured some hot water into the bottle, then scooped up the milk powder and shook it well, then tested the temperature before giving it to little Muhan.

Little Muhan held the bottle, his little red mouth biting and sucking on the nipple, feeding on his food.

A small cry sounded again in the nursery, and Wen Nanjin was about to walk over.

Su Yunluo took one step ahead of him and picked up Wen Muya and coaxed, “Don’t cry don’t cry… Mommy is here…”


Whereas little Muhan had finished his milk and was closing his eyes to go back to sleep.

Wen Nanjin lulled him to sleep and carried him back to his crib.

“Muya is hungry. I’ll go make milk for her.”

She nodded.

Not long after, Wen Nanjin returned.

He slipped the milk bottle into little Muya’s arms, and little Muya was so hungry that she held the bottle and gulped down the milk.

Soon, that bottle of milk saw the end.

Su Yunluo patted her gently and waited for her to fall asleep before putting her back to the crib.

Looking at the sleeping babies in each of the two cribs, the couple’s faces were all smiles of happiness.


The couple went to wash up for breakfast, then went back to their room to change clothes.

Today they would take their two babies to the hospital for vaccinations.

Wen Nanjin and Su Yunluo each had a baby carrier on their backs and went out.

The hospital was overcrowded, Wen Nanjin went to the front desk to register in the pediatric department.

She frowned slightly when she looked at the number plate in her hand, there were more than a dozen people in front of her.

It took half an hour of waiting in the pediatric department before it was the couple’s turn.

Su Yunluo carried Wen Muya inside first, and the doctor checked the baby’s health and gave her a prophylactic injection.

After the vaccination, little Muya cried loudly.


Su Yunluo was heartbroken and hugged her out to coax her.

“Is Muya okay?” Wen Nanjin looked worried.

“Just scared by the injection. I’ll coax her and she’ll be fine. You can carry Muhan in.” Su Yunluo said.

Wen Nanjin nodded his head.

It was hard to coax little Muya to stop crying.

A woman’s sharp voice could be heard not far away.

“How do you take care of a child? You take care of him to the point where he’s sick!”

The other woman’s voice desperately saying she was sorry.

She didn’t mean to do it, with a child’s cry mixed in.

Little Muya was frightened, her mouth compressed to cry.


Su Yunluo hurriedly patted her back to coax her, subconsciously raised her head to see who it was, but the result was that she saw Mother Qi and Mu Yuqing and her son.

The three people on the other side also saw her.

Mother Qi came over to greet her first, “So it’s Luoluo, long time no see.”

“Aunt Qi… “Su Yunluo softly greeted.

“I heard that you gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix babies, what a blessing. Is this a girl or the other baby?” Mother Qi looked at the child in her arms and asked.

“This one is a girl, and the other one is at Nanjin’s, getting vaccinations in the pediatric department.” Su Yunluo smiled.

Looking at the blushing Wen Muya, Mother Qi was not without envy.

“You’ve done such a good job with the baby. Look how healthy she looks unlike my grandson, who was brought up sickly by his mother.”


Mu Yuqing, who was behind Mother Qi, remained quiet upon hearing the remark and only held the child in her arms tightly.

Qi Yunxuan and Mu Yuqing’s son was one and a half years old and was born prematurely.

According to the rumor, Mu Yuqing had a big fight with Qi Yunxuan over something, and as a result, she had a premature delivery.

The child was held in the stomach for a bit too long during the delivery, thus the child was a bit congenital at birth and spent his days running to the hospital.

Su Yunluo took a glance at the child in Mu Yuqing’s arms, the little boy was skinny and small.

His face wore an ill complexion, and looked very afraid of people, shrinking timidly into Mu Yuqing’s arms all the time.

Su Yunluo only took a glance and withdrew her gaze.



Wen Muhan was done with his vaccination with Wen Nanjin carrying him out.

Su Yunluo turned back, and Wen Nanjin brought Wen Muhan towards her.

“I met Aunt Qi at the hospital and chatted for a while.” Su Yunluo said.

Wen Nanjin politely greeted.

“Auntie Qi, we’ll be leaving first.” Su Yunluo bid goodbye to Mother Qi.

Afterward, Su Yunluo once again heard about the Qi family’s recent developments, the two were getting a divorce.

The divorce was proposed by Mu Yuqing, but Qi Yunxuan refused, and the couple was having a lot of drama about it.

After a month of stalemate, the two still divorced, and the child went to Mu Yuqing’s custody.


It was heard that Mother Qi was planning to file a lawsuit against Mu Yuqing for the child’s custody.

When Su Yunluo heard this, she just smiled faintly and didn’t make any comments.

After all, that was someone else’s family matter and had nothing to do with her.

Looking at the baby who was teething beside her, Su Yunluo revealed a soft smile.

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