Chapter 30: Deep Lover (5)


Having had enough to eat and drink, the crowd wasn’t in a hurry to leave.

A group of men, a group of women, each playing a game.

The men played a card game in the living room, while the women opened the mahjong table and rubbed mahjong.

Since they were going to play mahjong, there had to be a punishment to make it interesting.

Several women discussed the game and finally settled on the loser of each round is punished with lemon juice.

There happened to be lemons in the fridge.

The women grab their lemons out, sliced them up, and put them in the blender.

The yellow color looked sour at first glance.


The first round started.

The cards that Su Yunluo got were not bad, and after lining them up, they began to play.


Su Yunluo happily laid out her cards.

The one who lost sadly took a lemonade and drank it.

“So sour!”

The other women saw her and laughed.

The game went on feverishly.

Seeing that the hour hand was about to point to ten o’clock, the men proposed to go back.

Gu Yiyin stood up and headed over to Su Yunluo.


Su Yunluo started off playing like a fish in water, most of the lemon juice got into the other women’s stomachs.

She drank two or three glasses and smiled like a little fox.

The women were very “unconvinced”.

Just as the lemon juice ran out, they switched to another form of punishment, which is to draw on their faces with a brush.

Su Yunluo probably ran out of luck, she lost several games in a row later.

Now the other women will have their revenge.

They all picked up their brushes and drew on her face.

When Gu Yiyin came over, she just happened to lose again and had to accept the punishment obediently.


When Gu Yiyin saw this, he wondered, “What’s going on here?”

Su Yunluo turned around and looked at him with an aggrieved face.

On her small, delicate face, there were two big panda eyes, three whiskers on each side of her cheeks, and the word “king” written on her forehead, and several animals appeared on her face, looking ridiculous.

When Gu Yiyin saw it, he couldn’t help but laugh out, “How did you become like this?”

He said, “I’m going to help you wipe it off.”

When the women saw this, they all spoke out to stop.

“No oh! It’s a punishment for losing, you can’t erase it”

“Yes, yes, wait until you get home to erase it.”

The men chimed in.


“Why don’t you take it easy on her? Look at what you’ve painted your sister-in-law’s face into.”

“Yeah, Yiyin must be heartbroken.”

Su Yunluo was looking aggrieved at Gu Yiyin.

“Tell the truth.”

“They ‘bullied’ me. You have to help me.”

Gu Yiyin smiled dotingly, stroking the top of her head, “Okay.”

So the women all withdrew, and the men joined the fray.

The one who lost had to be painted with patterns on the faces of the respective women.

Gu Yiyin was very competitive and didn’t lose a single hand.


Seeing the women looking dejected, Su Yunluo was happy.

Turning into a little fangirl, she looked at Gu Yiyin with adoration, as if she had stars in her eyes.

“How awesome.”

Gu Yiyin smiled and remained silent.

When he looked at Su Yunluo, his eyes were so gentle that they could drip water.

Su Yunluo gleefully painted the women’s faces.

The party ended with a group photo.

She was probably tired from playing and fell asleep in the car on the way back.


Gu Yiyin gripped the steering wheel steadily with one hand and let her head rest on his shoulder with the other.

Su Yunluo slightly adjusted her posture and fell asleep at ease.

Back home, Gu Yiyin placed Su Yunli against the couch.

He went to the bathroom to get some warm water.

Soaked a clean towel in water then wrung it out and wiped the ink off her face.

The whole process was done carefully, for fear of waking her up.

At last, the cleanliness and fairness of Su Yunluo’s face were back.

She had smooth and tender skin, similar to that of a shelled egg.

The slightest bit of pressure would leave a mark.


Gu Yiyin’s fingertips gently traced Su Yunluo’s delicate face and lingered a moment longer when he touched the soft red lips.

Unable to resist the inner urge to kiss her, little by little, he got closer.

Then, thin lips kissed her red lips.

He kissed very lightly and with restraint.

He was careful not to wake her up.

But the soft touch from the lips made it difficult for him to restrain himself, and he couldn’t help but use some force.

At that point, Su Yunluo opened her eyes and looked at the handsome face zooming before her.

There was no reaction to what was happening for a moment.


Seeing that she was awake, Gu Yiyin then let go of her.

“Sorry to wake you up.”

Still a little confused, the bewilderment in her eyes not yet receding.

“Are we home?”

There was a softness in her voice, paired with a face that appeared had just woken up.

So adorable that Gu Yiyin couldn’t help but kiss her again.

Seeing that she didn’t reject his closeness, Gu Yiyin was happy.

“Hmm. Shower quickly and then rest.”

Su Yunluo nodded and good-naturedly took her clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower.


At the time when Gu Yiyin also finished his shower and came out of the bathroom, Su Yunluo was already in a sweet sleep.

Gu Yiyin turned off the light, and then went to bed and lay beside Su Yunluo.

As if feeling something, Su Yunluo rolled into his arms and reached out to hug his waist.

Gu Yiyin froze for a moment, and then hugged her tightly.

There was silent laughter in the night.


Translator’s Corner:

This chapter is dedicated to Jessica Yonker. Let’s all thank her for the generous support in ko-fi.

Okay, for a moment I was excited again if they’d shower together this time. What the! Oh, my imagination! Somebody clean up for me. Wait… they sleep together, and nothing happened yet? 〈(゜。゜)

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  2. Baby steps! It breaks my heart to see she ignored him and his genuine feelings for 3 years. Even if you don’t have feelings and just see him as a roommate, at least be grateful for gifts? Maybe hang out with him now and then. and give hugs… Or just talk to him and be interested in his life. You can also break up and not give him false hope.(iДi)

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