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Chapter 35: Deep Lover (10)


On Friday was the annual Qixi Festival, the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Gu Yiyin had been busy recently.

It had been a long time since he had a good date with Su Yunluo.

On this day, he wanted to go on a romantic date with her.

A week ago, he started making arrangements for a date on Qixi Festival.

He also asked if there was any place that she wanted to go to.

Su Yunluo only said that she would have him arrange it.

He had a hard time arranging a romantic date for that day.

But then, Su Yunluo had to attend her college roommate’s wedding that day.


That was her best friend from college.

They had agreed to witness each other’s happiness no matter what when they graduated.

Thus, Su Yunluo could only look at Gu Yiyin apologetically.

Although Gu Yiyin felt lost inside, he still smiled on the surface and said it was okay, telling her to leave him alone.

That day, he told the company’s employees to leave work an hour early.

It was time to spend the day with their other half.

One by one, the employees left the office with joy on their faces.

Gu Yiyin just smiled and turned around to go back to his office.


He had nothing better to do.

The only thing was that he didn’t want to go home that early.

Su Yunluo went to a wedding tonight and won’t be back until tomorrow.

He didn’t want to go back that early to face the coldness of the room.

Sometime later, Gu Yiyin’s phone rang.

He picked it up and then smiled gently.

“Hello? Luoluo.”

“Where are you, Yiyin?”

Su Yunluo’s voice was indescribably soft.


“At the office, what’s wrong?”

He spoke patiently.

“Then hurry home. I have a surprise for you oh.”

She spoke mysteriously.

Gu Yiyin was about to ask what it was when Su Yunluo hung up the phone.

He smiled helplessly, packed up his things, and left the office.

He returned home with great anticipation.

The apartment was dimly lit and quiet.

Then his eyes were drawn to the large box in the living room.


‘Is this the surprise Luoluo was talking about?’

He walked over and slowly opened the box.

It was then that Su Yunluo, who supposedly went to join his best friend, stood up from the box.

There was a cake in her hand and a smile on her face.

“Happy Valentine’s Day! Got surprised by this?”

“Luoluo, I thought you weren’t coming back until tomorrow?”

Gu Yiyin looked at her with a surprised face.

“Yeah, but it’s Qixi. I want to spend time with you.”


 She stepped out of the box.

The cake was placed on the coffee table in the living room.

“Come over here and taste the cake. A very famous cake maker taught me this.”

She took his hand and sat down in front of the coffee table.

The cake was in the shape of a heart, with a man and a woman drawn on it snuggling with each other.

Heck, it was Su Yunluo and Gu Yiyin.

Gu Yiyin took a bite of the cake.

The smooth cream quickly melted in his mouth.


It was sweet and delicious.

“Is it delicious?”

Su Yunluo looked at him expectantly.

She was like a child waiting for praise.

“It’s delicious.”

Gu Yiyin smiled.

“Do you have any rewards then?”

She smilingly looked at him.

Gu Yiyin took a square box out of his pocket.


Then opened it, and inside lay a ring.

He slowly put it on Su Yunluo’s ring finger.

“Here’s a couple’s ring I had custom made. When we get married later, we’ll get you a bigger one.”

Su Yunluo lovingly touched the ring on her finger.

“So beautiful, I love it.”

Immediately, she felt a little annoyed.

“But, I don’t even have a present for you.”

“It’s okay. You don’t need to get any presents for me.”


Gu Yiyin gently spoke.

She shook her head.

“No. I’m going to give you a gift too.”

She pondered for a moment.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up.

“Oh, I know, I’ m giving myself to you.”

Gu Yiyin was in disbelief.

Well, d*mn near thought he’d heard wrong.

He looked at the smiling woman in front of him.


With some difficulty, he spoke.

“Luoluo, do you know what you’re talking about?”

“I know ah. I said. I ~will~ give myself ~to~ you!”

She approached him.

Every word was spoken slowly and clearly.

A great joy smashed into him.

When he reacted, his lips were touched with warmth.

His beloved girl was kissing him with her eyes closed.

Gu Yiyin stretched out his long arms and embraced her tightly.


He captured her red lips in his mouth.

The girl’s lips were fragrant and soft.

It made him unable to stop licking and kissing repeatedly.

She opened her lips slightly.

His long tongue took the opportunity to dig in and taste the strawberry cake in her soft mouth.

It was no longer possible to tell if the cake was sweeter or she was sweeter.

The air was getting increasingly hot, and both of them were in love.

Carefully picking her up, he strode to the bedroom.


Throughout that time, their lips and tongues were still deeply intertwined.

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Chapter 34: Deep Lover (9)


It was Mother Gu who reacted first in the end.

“You’re Yiyin’s girlfriend, right? Hi, I’m his mom.”

Su Yunluo hastily wiped the foam from her mouth.

“Auntie, how are you? I’m Su Yunluo.”

She invited her in to sit down in the living room.

After that, a glass of water was offered.

“Auntie, sit down for a moment while I go and clean myself up.”

She looked a little embarrassed.

“You go ahead.” Mother Gu nodded.

So, she hurriedly washed up in the bathroom.


She looked up in the mirror and realized her neck was full of hickeys.

She almost screamed out.

‘Is Gu Yiyin a dog? Auntie must have seen my neck like this. Oh, what a shame!’

She’d changed into a high-necked dress.

She did some mental construction to get out of the bedroom.

Right at that moment, Gu Yiyin also came back.

He was afraid that Su Yunluo would be uncomfortable if she woke up this morning, so he went to the office for a meeting and then returned home.

His mother called him and said she was coming over.

Gu Yiyin agreed.


It was surprising that Mother Gu would come so quickly.

But instead, Su Yunluo was caught off guard.

“Mom, you’re here so early?”

Gu Yiyin changed his slippers at the entrance, then walked up to Su Yunluo

“Got enough sleep? Do you feel any pain?”

He touched her head dotingly.

“Stop that. Auntie is watching.”

In front of Mother Gu, Su Yunluo was a bit embarrassed.

“Mom, this is your future daughter-in-law, Su Yunluo.”

Gu Yiyin introduced her to Mother Gu.


Mother Gu nodded.

“Finally, we meet. Such a good girl.”

Mother Gu looked at Su Yunluo lovingly.

They sat down on the sofa in the living room.

Su Yunluo was a bit reserved at first when she faced Mother Gu.

Mother Gu had been so amiable, it helped Su Yunluo relax.

She had a pleasant conversation with Mother Gu.

Throughout the exchange, Mother Gu was even more satisfied with Su Yunluo.

Her eyes were clear and her demeanor generous.

Yiyin’s eyes were glued to the girl’s body.


The little girl was shy but her eyes were sweet.

It was a real look of love and affection.

Gu Yiyin worked so hard that Mother Gu feared he would wear out his body.

Every now and then she would make some soup for him.

Who would have thought that this time she would come to see her son’s girlfriend?

Gu Yiyin had said a long time ago that he had a girlfriend.

There never was a chance to see her in the past.

She was such a nice girl after all.

She just looked a little thin.

Something should be done for her.


Thinking this, Mother Gu smiled.

“Here, Luoluo. Auntie made this soup. Try some of this.”

She opened the lid of the thermos, and the smell of rich soup wafted out.


Su Yunluo was a little hesitant, the soup was boiled for Gu Yiyin.

Would it be bad for her to drink it?

Mother Gu saw that she was a little hesitant.

“Luoluo, have some while it’s hot or it’ll get cold. Besides, you’re so skinny. We need to nourish you.”

“You drink it. Please don’t waste Mom’s good intentions.”


Gu Yiyin smiled at the side.

Thus, Su Yunluo drank soup in small gulps.

When she finished drinking it, only then did Mother Gu gently ask her.

“Auntie’s cooking is okay, isn’t it?”

“Well, Auntie’s cooking is very good. Thank you, Auntie.”

Su Yunluo blushed a little.

“If you like it, Auntie will make more soup for you later. I promise to raise you fat and white.”

Mother Gu looked at her lovingly.

After sitting for a while longer, Mother Gu left.


Only then did Su Yunluo let out a sigh of relief.

Mother Gu seemed to like her.

At that moment, Gu Yiyin wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, his head resting on the nest of her shoulders.

“My mom likes you a lot.”

She turned to face him.

“Why didn’t you tell me Auntie is coming over? Else I would have behaved better.”

She looked at him somewhat mournfully.

“Looking at you sleeping, I couldn’t bear to wake you up. Also, my Luoluo is so pretty, who will dislike you?”

Gu Yiyin pinched her cheeks.


Sun Yunluo mumbled.

“But, it’s always important to leave a good impression on the elders. You don’t even know how bad my appearance was when I opened the door this morning. And who let you do this to my neck? Your mother must have seen it too, how embarrassing.”

At this point, Su Yunluo looked at him with a grumbling face.

Gu Yiyin chuckled lightly.

“Okay, okay, it’s all my fault. Who made Luoluo so tempting, I couldn’t help it, and…”

Gu Yiyin’s look was ambiguous.

“Did Luoluo forget? You’re the one who grabbed me last night.”

Su Yunluo recalled the memory of last night.

It seemed like she really grabbed him for a strong kiss and was writhing in his arms.


Thinking about it this way, Su Yunluo felt a little guilty.

“What? Do you remember?”

Gu Yiyin looked at her amusedly.

Su Yunluo glared at him.

‘This man! He knows what he’s doing!’

So, Gu Yiyin smiled even more.


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Chapter 33: Deep Lover (8)


Su Yunluo hadn’t had much to drink tonight, but the aftermath of that wine was strong.

Later, the drink kicked in.

The whole thing just got a little woozy.

She rested her back against the couch.

“Luoluo, are you okay?”

One female colleague looked at her worriedly.

She shook her head.

“Fine, just a little dizzy.”

“Maybe I’ll call you a cab. Let’s get you home first.” The female colleague spoke up.

Sue Yunluo smiled.


“No, thank you. My boyfriend will come to pick me up later.”

The female colleague nodded at the woman’s words and sat watching her.

Shortly after, the door was flung open.

A tall man dressed in casual clothes walked in, it was Gu Yiyin.

The crowd looked at him with some confusion.

One of the men spoke up and asked him.

“May I ask who you are looking for, Sir?”

“I’m here to find Su Yunluo.” 

He said as his eyes searched the room.

Right then, he saw Su Yunluo in the corner with her eyes closed and strode over to.


“Luoluo? Luoluo? Wake up.”

She opened her eyes in confusion.

At the sight of Gu Yiyin before her, she smiled stupidly at him.


“It’s me. Why are you so drunk?”

Gu Yiyin was helpless and heartbroken.

“I had a couple of drinks only. There is no such thing as being drunk.”

She muttered.

The female colleague sitting next to Su Yunluo spoke up at that moment.


“This gentleman, you’re Luoluo’s boyfriend, right? She is a bit drunk, so I’ll trouble you to take her home.”

“Thank you for looking after her. I’m taking her back.”

After thanking the female colleague, Gu Yiyin patted Su Yunluo.

“Luoluo, honey. Wake up. I’ll take you back.”

Su Yunluo was so drunk that she didn’t bother to move.

She lazily stretched out her hand and gave Gu Yiyin a spoiled look.

“You hug me.”

Gu Yiyin dotingly smiled and picked up Su Yunluo.

With a word to the people in the room, he hugged her and left.


On the way home, he drove past a pharmacy.

Gu Yiyin went in and bought a box of sobering pills.

When they returned home, Gu Yiyin placed Su Yunluo gently on the bed.

Then a glass of lukewarm water, as well as a sobering pill, was poured and fed.

“Luoluo, be a good girl and drink your sobering pills. So you won’t feel so bad.”

Su Yunluo cooperated and opened her mouth to take the pill.

After a while, she opened her eyes.

“It’s hot. I’m going to take a shower.”

She said, about to get up from the bed.

Gu Yiyin hurriedly helped her.


“Can you do it?”

She nodded, then walked into the bathroom.

After taking a shower, Su Yunluo realized she hadn’t brought any clothes in.

She grabbed a large towel from the side and wrapped it around her and went out.

She wobbled to the side of the bed, then fell headfirst.

Gu Yiyin saw her and shook his head helplessly.

By the time he got out of the bathroom, the drunk was asleep.

Her face was still red.

Gu Yiyin got on the bed, leaned over, and kissed her on the lips.

Suddenly the person who was supposed to be asleep opened her eyes.


“Luoluo, how are you awake?”

Gu Yiyin removed his lips from hers.

Su Yunluo pushed him away and glared accusingly.

“You stole a kiss from me.”

Gu Yiyin was stunned for a moment.

She had already been given a sobering pill, how could she still be like this?

“No, I have to kiss back too.”

After saying that, Su Yunluo grabbed his face and kissed him.

The thin lips were repeatedly “ravaged”.

Only then did Gu Yiyin respond.


It had never occurred to him that the drunken Su Yunluo was so enthusiastic.

All she had on was a towel, and she was squirming unconsciously in his arms.

Gu Yiyin couldn’t resist, and in turn, pressed her underneath him.

The thin lips took her red lips and sucked heavily.

When she opened her mouth due to breathlessness, his long, flexible tongue dug into her mouth and stirred, tasting the wine in her mouth.

Moving his lips to shift positions, he imprinted several red hickeys on her neck.

However, just as he was about to pull off her towel and proceed to the next step, he realized that Su Yunluo had fallen asleep once again.

Gu Yiyin was helpless.

‘This little devil. You actually fell asleep like this after arousing me?’


All right, there was nothing he could do to a drunken person.

So, Gu Yiyin could only quell the lust in his body and then hugged her tightly to sleep.

That night, the drunk woman slept restlessly.

She constantly wriggled in his arms, which caused Gu Yiyin’s lust to rose throughout the night.

He wanted to have a cold shower, but Su Yunluo held him firmly on her body.

He could not move.

He had no choice but to endure until dawn.

The next day, when Su Yunluo woke up, her body still felt soft.

It was a good thing that Gu Yiyin had already asked for a leave of absence from her job.


She got up from the bed and wandered soulfully into the bathroom to wash up.

Halfway through brushing her teeth, the doorbell rang.

Su Yunluo thought it was Gu Yiyin.

She didn’t bother to clean up her image.

She went over to open the door barefoot with a mouth full of bubbles.

As it turned out, it wasn’t Gu Yiyin standing outside the door.

It was his mother!

Mother Gu was stunned to see her.

The two of them just stood in the doorway with their wide eyes.


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Chapter 32: Deep Lover (7)


Although Yang Mulin cherished Yang Pei Shan, he knew that with her ability, she couldn’t manage the big company.

In case he retired, there would be no one to succeed him.

Moreover, Yang Pei Shan was pure and could easily be taken advantage of by someone with an ulterior motive.

Out of various considerations, Yang Mulin was looking for a suitable successor, and Su Yunting was the best candidate.

Su Yuntin was highly capable and favored by Yang Pei Shan.

With him as his successor, the Shengguang Group would definitely take it to the next level.

His daughter would also be well fed and clothed for the rest of her life.

Therefore, Yang Mulin had already trained Su Yunting in the direction of his successor.


After chatting for a while, Su Yunting excused himself and said that he had to leave first.

In the car, perhaps influenced by the original mistress’ residual consciousness, Su Yunluo looked downhearted.

“Luoluo. how is your relationship with your brother?”

Gu Yiyin asked her carefully.

It was obvious from what had just happened.

Su Yunluo and Su Yunting’s relationship was really cold.

It wasn’t like brother and sister at all, but more like friends.

Perhaps not even an ordinary friend.

Su Yunluo pulled out a smile.


“My brother’s been like that since he was a kid, indifferent to everything. Aloof and distant towards me, and even towards my parents as if we weren’t family. I originally thought it was because he couldn’t express himself, but now I think he’s probably such an emotionless person.”

Su Yunluo sighed.

‘The original mistress really wanted to get along with her brother, but some people were really only destined to be familiar strangers.’

Gu Yiyin didn’t know how to comfort her.

He could only grab her hand and show her that he would be by her side no matter what.


Today, Su Yunluo’s company department had a gathering.

A large group of people ran off to eat hotpot before shifting positions to go to KTV.


Inside the KTV’s luxury box.

The head of the department was singing, and a group of men is applauding for him below.

He was delighted and sang several songs in succession.

“Singing all the same old songs over and over again. It’s no wonder he’s called old-fashioned.”

A woman sitting next to Su Yunluo rolled her eyes.

The head of the Su Yunluo’s department was a man in his mid-forties.

Well, he was nice to his subordinates.

There were just too many rules and he would never adapt.

So in private, he was nicknamed “old-fashioned”.


Su Yunluo looked at her with amusement.

“All right, keep your voice down. If he hears you, there will be hell to pay.”

The woman stuck her tongue out.

At that moment, Su Yunluo’s phone rang.

She stood up and went outside to answer the phone.

“Yiyin.” Su Yunluo shouted.

“Where are you, Luoluo?”

Gu Yiyin’s voice was somewhat low.

“Singing with colleagues from the department at KTV.” She replied.

“Roughly what time will it be over? Do you need me to come to get you?” Gu Yiyin asked her.


“I don’t know. You can pick me up at 9:30 later. The address is XXX, Changsheng Road.” She gave him the address.

“Okay, I’ll be there on time to pick you up later. Don’t drink too much alcohol.”

Gu Yiyin instructed her.

Su Yunluo returned to the box after taking the call.

The group of women then surrounded her and began to gossip.

“Luoluo, judging by the gleeful grin on your face, was it your boyfriend?”

“Is he handsome? How old is he? What does he do?”

“How long have you been dating? Have you met the parents?”

Su Yunluo laughed at them.


“Don’t you guys get so worked up. I’ll answer your questions one at a time.”

After a moment’s pause, she spoke slowly.

“Yes, it was indeed my boyfriend who just called me. He’s handsome, and three years older than me. Got a company in partnership with his friends that does construction. We’ve been dating for three years but we still haven’t met either of our parents.”

“Wow! You got a boyfriend without telling us. Besides its been three long years. This is really not good enough.”

One of the women looked at her with an accusing face.

“Okay, okay. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have kept it from you.”

Su Yunluo was somewhat guilty.

To apologize, she punished herself with three glasses of wine.


Only then the group of women left her alone.

Next, as a group, they played a conversation game.

Using a timer on their cell phones in the range of 1 minute to 3 minutes, the person in possession of the phone would have to first answer the previous one’s question before they could pass the phone to the next person.

If the phone buzzed in anyone’s hand, that person would have to drink a glass of wine

The game officially began.

A group of people nervously passed the phone next to each other.

When it was passed down to Su Yunluo, the last person took the opportunity to confess to her.

“This lovely young lady, I’ve liked you for a long time. Can you be my girlfriend?”


Saying that he even threw a wink at her.

The others looked at the two of them with gossipy faces.

At the same time, they also wondered how Su Yunluo would answer.

The only thing that happened was that she smiled slightly

“Sorry, I already have a boyfriend.”

When the man heard this, he had a rather regretful look on his face.

Other men also looked regretful.

So many of them were still single and more or less interested in Su Yunluo.

Who would have thought she’d have a boyfriend?

Who knew which man had won Su Yunluo’s heart?


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Chapter 31: Deep Lover (6)


Today, when Gu Yiyin came home from work, he was carrying a rectangular object wrapped in a black cloth bag.

Su Yunluo was curious.

“What’s that?”

Without a word, he unzipped the black cloth bag.

The cat cage was presented, and inside was an orange kitten.

“Wow. So cute.”

Su Yunluo was adorably charmed by the kitten.

She carefully opened the cat cage and held it out.

Gu Yiyin spoke softly.


“A friend of mine’s female cat just recently gave birth to some kittens. He didn’t need so many cats in his house so he wanted to share some of them away. I took this one when I saw it and brought it back, like it?”

“Love it so much.”

Su Yunluo’s eyes were brightly shining.

She was already fond of pets like cats and had thought of proposing to Gu Yiyin to keep a cat, but then she forgot about it.

Now that she saw this kitten, it was no doubt that she was more than happy.

The kitten was a bit bigger than her hand.

It was lying asleep atop her hand.

She gently smoothed down its fur.


Raising her head to ask Gu Yiyin softly.

“How old is this kitten? Is this a male or a female?”

“It came out a little over a month ago, it’s a male,” replied Gu Yiyin.

“Should we feed him when he wakes up later? Did you buy cat food?”

Su Yunluo asked him.

Gu Yiyin was troubled upon hearing her.

“It was only just now that I brought him back, I forgot to buy him cat food.”

“Then after dinner, let’s go to the pet shop, on the way to the supermarket.”

Suggested Su Yunluo.

The two headed out after dinner.


When they arrived at the pet store, in addition to buying cat food, they also purchased various items such as cat mat, cat bowls, cat shelter, cleaning supplies, and cat toys.

The two left the pet shop and drove to a nearby supermarket to buy daily necessities.

Together, they pushed a cart and chatted as they walked.

“Shampoo, shower gel, paper towels .”

Su Yunluo took a shopping list and crossed off one item for each one she took.

Once everything was bought, the two of them were going to check out.

When they passed by the snack section, Su Yunluo took a few more glances.

Gu Yiyin saw that she looked like she wanted to buy but was a little hesitant, and spoke amusingly.

“Go ahead and pick out what you want to eat.”


Su Yunluo cheered and went to pick out snacks.

“Chips, chocolate, cookies, jelly.”

Unconsciously she took a whole bunch.

Su Yunluo felt a little embarrassed.

“Will it be too much? I’ll put some back.”

Gu Yiyin dotingly looked at her.

“It’s okay, I’m still here, right? I’ll see to it that you don’t eat too much.”

This time Su Yunluo was even more embarrassed.

They had finished paying the bill and were leaving with their things when a cold voice came from behind them.



She froze, then turned around and spoke.

“Brother, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here on business.”

Su Yunting walked towards them.

“Is this your boyfriend?”

She looked at Gu Yiyin.

“Oh yes, this is my boyfriend, Gu Yiyin.”

Su Yunluo began to introduce Su Yunting.

She then turned to look at Gu Yiyin.


“Yiyin, this is my brother, Su Yunting.”

“Hi, I’m Gu Yiyin, Luoluo’s boyfriend.”

Gu Yiyin smiled and extended his hand.

Su Yunting extended his hand back to shake, “I’m Su Yunting.”

The voice was cold.

“I wonder if Mr. Su is free? Let’s go get a cup of coffee together.”

Gu Yiyin proposed.

 Su Yunting nodded.

A certain coffee shop.


Sitting across from Su Yunluo and Gu Yiyin, Su Yunting took a sip of his coffee

“Is Mr. Gu successful in where?”

“I can’t talk about my work at a high level, but I started a construction company with some friends.”

Gu Yiyin smiled.

Su Yunting pondered for a moment.

“Is it Yiyang Construction?”


Gu Yiyin smiled slightly.

Originally, Gu Yiyin had funded this company with a few friends.


The company took its name from them, as he and one of his friends funded the most, and thus held the most shares.

Su Yunting nodded approvingly.

“Great company, already ranked in the top five in the industry. Mr. Gu is truly a talented young man.”

“You have a good eye.”

Su Yunting faintly looked at Su Yunluo.

She pursed her lips and did not speak anymore.

Objectively speaking, Su Yunting was a very successful man.

He graduated from an elite school, worked for Shengguang Group, and sat in the position of General Manager in just a few years.


Men who were handsome and capable were in high demand everywhere they went.

 Many famous ladies were interested in Su Yunting, including the daughter of Shengguang Group.

The CEO of Shengguang Group was called Yang Mulin, and he only had one daughter, Yang Pei Shan.

Yang Pei Shan’s mother passed away early, plus she wasn’t in good health since she was young.

Therefore Yang Mulin pampered her and gave her whatever she wanted.

In recent years, Yang Mulin began to look for a suitable successor as he aged.   


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Chapter 30: Deep Lover (5)


Having had enough to eat and drink, the crowd wasn’t in a hurry to leave.

A group of men, a group of women, each playing a game.

The men played a card game in the living room, while the women opened the mahjong table and rubbed mahjong.

Since they were going to play mahjong, there had to be a punishment to make it interesting.

Several women discussed the game and finally settled on the loser of each round is punished with lemon juice.

There happened to be lemons in the fridge.

The women grab their lemons out, sliced them up, and put them in the blender.

The yellow color looked sour at first glance.


The first round started.

The cards that Su Yunluo got were not bad, and after lining them up, they began to play.


Su Yunluo happily laid out her cards.

The one who lost sadly took a lemonade and drank it.

“So sour!”

The other women saw her and laughed.

The game went on feverishly.

Seeing that the hour hand was about to point to ten o’clock, the men proposed to go back.

Gu Yiyin stood up and headed over to Su Yunluo.


Su Yunluo started off playing like a fish in water, most of the lemon juice got into the other women’s stomachs.

She drank two or three glasses and smiled like a little fox.

The women were very “unconvinced”.

Just as the lemon juice ran out, they switched to another form of punishment, which is to draw on their faces with a brush.

Su Yunluo probably ran out of luck, she lost several games in a row later.

Now the other women will have their revenge.

They all picked up their brushes and drew on her face.

When Gu Yiyin came over, she just happened to lose again and had to accept the punishment obediently.


When Gu Yiyin saw this, he wondered, “What’s going on here?”

Su Yunluo turned around and looked at him with an aggrieved face.

On her small, delicate face, there were two big panda eyes, three whiskers on each side of her cheeks, and the word “king” written on her forehead, and several animals appeared on her face, looking ridiculous.

When Gu Yiyin saw it, he couldn’t help but laugh out, “How did you become like this?”

He said, “I’m going to help you wipe it off.”

When the women saw this, they all spoke out to stop.

“No oh! It’s a punishment for losing, you can’t erase it”

“Yes, yes, wait until you get home to erase it.”

The men chimed in.


“Why don’t you take it easy on her? Look at what you’ve painted your sister-in-law’s face into.”

“Yeah, Yiyin must be heartbroken.”

Su Yunluo was looking aggrieved at Gu Yiyin.

“Tell the truth.”

“They ‘bullied’ me. You have to help me.”

Gu Yiyin smiled dotingly, stroking the top of her head, “Okay.”

So the women all withdrew, and the men joined the fray.

The one who lost had to be painted with patterns on the faces of the respective women.

Gu Yiyin was very competitive and didn’t lose a single hand.


Seeing the women looking dejected, Su Yunluo was happy.

Turning into a little fangirl, she looked at Gu Yiyin with adoration, as if she had stars in her eyes.

“How awesome.”

Gu Yiyin smiled and remained silent.

When he looked at Su Yunluo, his eyes were so gentle that they could drip water.

Su Yunluo gleefully painted the women’s faces.

The party ended with a group photo.

She was probably tired from playing and fell asleep in the car on the way back.


Gu Yiyin gripped the steering wheel steadily with one hand and let her head rest on his shoulder with the other.

Su Yunluo slightly adjusted her posture and fell asleep at ease.

Back home, Gu Yiyin placed Su Yunli against the couch.

He went to the bathroom to get some warm water.

Soaked a clean towel in water then wrung it out and wiped the ink off her face.

The whole process was done carefully, for fear of waking her up.

At last, the cleanliness and fairness of Su Yunluo’s face were back.

She had smooth and tender skin, similar to that of a shelled egg.

The slightest bit of pressure would leave a mark.


Gu Yiyin’s fingertips gently traced Su Yunluo’s delicate face and lingered a moment longer when he touched the soft red lips.

Unable to resist the inner urge to kiss her, little by little, he got closer.

Then, thin lips kissed her red lips.

He kissed very lightly and with restraint.

He was careful not to wake her up.

But the soft touch from the lips made it difficult for him to restrain himself, and he couldn’t help but use some force.

At that point, Su Yunluo opened her eyes and looked at the handsome face zooming before her.

There was no reaction to what was happening for a moment.


Seeing that she was awake, Gu Yiyin then let go of her.

“Sorry to wake you up.”

Still a little confused, the bewilderment in her eyes not yet receding.

“Are we home?”

There was a softness in her voice, paired with a face that appeared had just woken up.

So adorable that Gu Yiyin couldn’t help but kiss her again.

Seeing that she didn’t reject his closeness, Gu Yiyin was happy.

“Hmm. Shower quickly and then rest.”

Su Yunluo nodded and good-naturedly took her clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower.


At the time when Gu Yiyin also finished his shower and came out of the bathroom, Su Yunluo was already in a sweet sleep.

Gu Yiyin turned off the light, and then went to bed and lay beside Su Yunluo.

As if feeling something, Su Yunluo rolled into his arms and reached out to hug his waist.

Gu Yiyin froze for a moment, and then hugged her tightly.

There was silent laughter in the night.


Translator’s Corner:

This chapter is dedicated to Jessica Yonker. Let’s all thank her for the generous support in ko-fi.

Okay, for a moment I was excited again if they’d shower together this time. What the! Oh, my imagination! Somebody clean up for me. Wait… they sleep together, and nothing happened yet? 〈(゜。゜)

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Chapter 29: Deep Lover (4) Part 2


The people were poking fun at each other in all kinds of ways, causing Su Yunluo to feel a little embarrassed.

“Where are the sisters-in-law?” 

Gu Yiyin asked again about the group’s family members.

“They’re all working in the kitchen.” 

One of them pointed in the direction of the kitchen.

Gu Yiyin took Su Yunluo over to the kitchen to greet them.

These women had all met Gu Yiyin at previous gatherings, so they weren’t strangers to him.

However, Su Yunluo and the others were meeting her for the first time and felt a bit curious about her.


After a few greetings, Su Yunluo offered to come help in the kitchen.

“Yiyin, go out, I’ll be here to help my sisters-in-law.”

“Can you do that?”

Gu Yiyin was a little uneasy.

Su Yunluo nodded her head.

One of the women laughed and poked fun at Gu Yiyin.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on my younger sister-in-law for you. I’ll never let her get eaten.”

The other women laughed at the statement. 

Su Yunluo blushed and pushed Gu Yiyin out of the kitchen.


Women’s friendships were easy to establish, and they became familiar with each other in a few words.

Su Yunluo was the youngest, and very talkative, not the deliberate kind of pleasing.

As a result, it was easy to gain the affection of these women.

A group of women worked together in the kitchen, as they were laughing and working together to create a feast.

The group of men sat down at the table. 

Zhang Hua let out an exaggerated exclamation, “Wow, what a sumptuous dinner, we can have a full meal tonight.”

“Most of these dishes are made by Luoluo, you guys have to eat them well.” 

Zhang Hua’s girlfriend smiled.


“Yeah? Yiyin is the only one who can cook, so I guess my sister-in-law is a good cook too. Then by all means…”

The group of people moved their chopsticks and began to eat.

From the first bite, they couldn’t stop, exclaiming as they ate, praising Su Yunluo’s cooking skills even more than a five-star chef.

As a result, Su Yunluo left a good impression in the hearts of these men with her exquisite cooking skills.

Tonight’s dishes were all seafood.

Such an excellent cook, Su Yunluo was a fan of seafood, especially crabs, except that she was a little helpless in the matter of shelling crabs.

Gu Yiyin saw this and silently peeled the crab shells for her, putting the crab meat into her bowl.


Not only that, but all other seafood that needs to be peeled, Gu Yiyin did it for her, so she could just eat whatever she wanted.

It was a sight that other women envied.

They looked at their own man, who was only concerned with eating only by themselves.

Each one of them stared angrily at their own man, leaving a group of men confused.

The scene was a bit funny at one point.

Translator’s Corner:

I wonder if Yiyin’s trait exists in real life.

This chapter is not good for single people like me.


Coincidentally, one of my food for today is crab, spicy crab paste to be exact. Anyone hungry? What’s your meal for today?

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Chapter 29: Deep Lover (4) Part 1


Gu Yiyin found that ever since he came back from his business trip, Su Yunluo began to slowly change.

In the past, Su Yunluo wouldn’t even take the initiative to ask him about his affairs, where he took her on dates, the little gifts he prepared for her, little surprises, and so on.

She couldn’t even mention her interest.

Her expression was bland.

The two had been dating for three years, and although they lived together, he always felt that they were more like sharing a room than boyfriend and girlfriend.

But now it was different, Su Yunluo would take the initiative to care about him.

She would also start to put in the effort to decorate the house.

The things in the house that belonged to them were becoming increasingly numerous.


Although he didn’t know why she had changed, Gu Yiyin was happy about it.

This weekend, Gu Yiyin was going to a party at a friend’s house, and a few other friends would be there as well.

They had agreed to bring their families.

He asked Su Yunluo’s opinion, and she nodded in agreement.

By Saturday evening, Su Yunluo changed her clothes and followed Gu Yiyin out.

In the car, the two chatted with each other.

“Wouldn’t it be too good if we go empty-handed like this?” 

Su Yunluo raised her head and asked him.

“It’s fine, we’re all friends. We don’t care about that.”


Gu Yiyin smiled at her.

“How is your friend? Do you get along well?”

Su Yunluo was a bit nervous.

It felt like she was going to meet her boyfriend’s parents.

When Gu Yiyin saw how nervous she was, he was a little amused and warmed up.

‘She must be concerned about me to want to leave a good impression’

He comforted her, “Don’t worry, they are very nice people and won’t do anything to you. If they dare to bully you, then I’ll help you bully back.”

Speaking of which, he made a fierce face.

Su Yunluo was amused by him and relaxed a lot.


They laughed and chatted about other topics.

By the time Gu Yiyin and Su Yunluo arrived, everyone else was already there.

They were the last two to arrive.

A man walked up first to greet Gu Yiyin, “Yiyin, long time no see.”

“Long time no see.”

Gu Yiyin smiled and greeted.

The others also came up to greet her.

Su Yunluo looked at them curiously as Gu Yiyin introduced her in a low voice, “They’re all my friends from childhood, this is Zhang Hua, this is Li Haoyang, this is…” 

He introduced them from left to right and then introduced Su Yunluo to the group, “This is my girlfriend, Su Yunluo.”


“Hello, I’m Su Yunluo,” she smiled lightly at them.

“Hello, sis.”

“So sister-in-law is so beautiful, Yiyin is truly blessed.”


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