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Chapter 16: Divorced Wealthy Lady (15)


Later, Su Yunluo learned from someone else that Qi Yunxuan had already proposed to Mu Yuqing.

That day, Qi Yunxuan took Mu Yuqing to meet Mother Qi hoping that she could agree to their marriage.

Mother Qi had never heard of Mu Yuqing before, and suddenly she heard that he wanted to marry her.

Mu Yuqing was not worthy of him, no matter what!

Mother Qi, in her heart, decided that it was all Mu Yuqing who had encouraged Qi Yunxuan to climb up to the Qi family.

Luoluo heard that the mother and son were at loggerheads over this, and Qi Yunxuan hadn’t been home for many days.

But Su Yunluo just listened and left it at that, how those two had nothing to do with her.


Her days now were either spent in the studio or dating Wen Nanjin.

Wen Nanjin is really a no-nonsense boyfriend.

Usually, both of them were quite busy with work.

He made time always to meet up with her, and little surprises, small gifts, and such were even more readily available.

Everything about her, he was very attentive.

As long as she said that a certain thing was pretty, the next day that thing would appear in front of her.

Under the man’s pampering, Su Yunluo felt very happy every day, loving him more and more every day.

She sometimes wondered what kind of virtue and ability she had to be favored by him.


She could only think that it was fate that made the two meet and fall in love.

The only way for her to live up to his affection is to love him even more.

It was weekend, the two naturally went on a date.

After spending the day at the amusement park, the two of them were reluctant to part like this.

Wen Nanjin proposed to go to his home, she readily agreed.

Wen Nanjin didn’t live with his parents and bought a well-decorated high-rise apartment house in the city center.

The community facilities were perfect, and fingerprints were required for entry and exit, so the security was very high.

The elevator reached the 23rd floor.

Su Yunluo followed Wen Nanjin out of the elevator.


When they stood at the door of the apartment, he entered his fingerprints to open the door, and then asked Su Yunluo to enter her fingerprints to make it easier for her to come next time.

The apartment was designed with three rooms and two halls.

There was a master bedroom, a second bedroom, and a study room.

The house was mainly in black and white.

Most of the things were either white or black, but they were decorated with other colors, it didn’t look too monotonous.

There was a large floor-to-ceiling window in the living room there.

It opened to a large balcony.

Many green pot plants were planted, and all of them were growing well.


It was clear that the owner of the house had taken good care of them.

Su Yunluo went to the kitchen again.

The kitchen was complete with pots and pans.

She opened the refrigerator, which was stuffed with fresh ingredients.

The owner of the house was very fond of cooking.

Su Yunluo was curious, “Brother Nanjin, do you usually still cook by yourself?”

“Yeah, I usually cook my own food, unless I have to go out to eat or order take-out when I’m very busy.” Wen Nanjin answered.

“Then brother Nanjin’s cooking skills should be very good,” Su Yunluo asked again.

“Comparable to a five-star chef.” Wen Nanjin was full of confidence.


He wasn’t exaggerating.

Wen Nanjin was very interested in cooking and would study recipes in his spare time.

Sometimes when he went out to eat, he would remember which taste was delicious.

He would remember the taste and then go home to study it and make it with his own hands.

“Brother Nanjin is so powerful. Unlike me, I can’t do it.” Su Yunluo was a bit envious.

Although she herself could also cook, what she made was only enough to fill her stomach.

“It’s okay after Luoluo marries me in the future, the kitchen will be left to me, so Luoluo doesn’t have to worry.” Wen Nanjin smiled dotingly.

Wen Nanjin originally wanted to send Su Yunluo back, who knew that it suddenly started raining heavily outside.

He could only wait for the rain to stop.


Unexpectedly, the rain outside not only didn’t tend to stop but also became heavier and heavier.

Seeing that it was past ten o’clock, Wen Nanjin thought about it and said, “Luoluo, the rain shouldn’t stop for a while, and now that it’s so late. Why don’t… you sleep here tonight. I’ll send you back tomorrow.”

Su Yunluo thought about it and nodded in agreement.

She made a phone call and told Mother Su that she was staying overnight at Wen Nanjin’s.

Wen Nanjin led her to the second bedroom, “Luoluo, tonight you sleep in this room.”

Wen Nanjin opened the closet and took out clean bedding and pillows laying them out for her.

“There’s a bathroom in the bedroom with clean toiletries and a bathrobe.” Wen Nanjin said.


“Mmhmm. I got it.” Su Yunluo nodded.

“Rest early. Goodnight.” Wen Nanjin kissed her forehead, then closed the door and went out.

Su Yunluo took a hot bath and went to bed in her bathrobe, falling asleep shortly after.

The rain became heavier and heavier, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

“Boom”, suddenly a huge thunder sounded.

Su Yunluo was suddenly awakened, took a look at the time.

It was only 11 o’clock, and she had not slept for an hour.

Su Yunluo lay on the bed, listening to the thunder roaring outside.

The more she lay, the more afraid she was.

Tossing and turning but she could not fall asleep.


Su Yunluo hated the sound of thunder.

In her own home, it was fine, but now she was at Wen Nanjin’s.

Although he was in the next room, Su Yunluo faced this empty room.

She was the only one and outside there was still thunder and lightning.

The more she thought, the more she was afraid.

She got up from the bed and went to the next room to find Wen Nanjin.

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Chapter 15: Divorced Wealthy Lady (14)


The two of them officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

After lunch, Wen Nanjin sent Su Yunluo home.

When the Su couple saw Su Yunluo and Wen Nanjin together, they thought it was strange.

Then they heard what happened from Wen Nanjin, and were surprised and angry at the person who drugged her.

They felt grateful to Wen Nanjin.

If he hadn’t arrived in time, the consequences would have been disastrous.

“Luoluo, do you really like Nanjin? If you don’t like him, don’t force yourself to be with him.” Mother Su asked after Wen Nanjin left.

Su Yunluo was a bit helpless, “Mom, I have a crush on brother Nanjin, and brother Nanjin treats me very well. There’s nothing wrong with being with him.”

“I know that Nanjin is a good boy. A talented and capable, and more importantly, he is sincere to you. Only if you like him, mom doesn’t want you to regret it in the future.” Mother Su spoke with a serious heart.


Knowing that Mother Su was truly thinking of her, Su Yunluo was touched.

“Mom, I understand what you mean. I actually quite like Brother Nanjin. Maybe he’ll be your son-in-law in the future. How sad he’d be if you said that,” joked Su Yunluo.

“This child, how do you talk?” Mother Su glared at her but was finally relieved.

A few more days passed, and the investigation about the person who drugged her came out.

That person wanted to cooperate with Qi’s group, but he had talked to Qi Yunxuan several times without success.

So harboring a grudge, he wanted to drug Qi Yunxuan and use it as a leverage to threaten him.

Unexpectedly, that glass of wine was mistakenly drunk by Su Yunluo, and it became what it was now.


After finding the culprit, Wen Nanjin and the Su family naturally wouldn’t let him go.

That person was finally fired from the company, and no company dared to hire him.

He could only leave the city in disgrace to earn a living elsewhere.

Su Yunluo was busy in the studio as usual.

After that fashion show, Su Yunluo also opened up her reputation internationally and signed contracts with many stars to provide dresses for them.

“Luoluo, are you done being busy?” Wen Nanjin called over.

“There’s a little bit of trouble going on, what’s up?”

“Wanted to see you for lunch, is Luoluo free? I’ll come over to pick you up,” Wen Nanjin asked in a warm voice.

Su Yunluo looked at the time, “Brother Nanjin, I still have half an hour before I’m done. You can come over and pick me up later.”


“Okay.” Wen Nanjin hung up the phone.

Half an hour later, Wen Nanjin arrived at Su Yunluo’s studio.

Su Yunluo raised her head, “Brother Nanjin, just wait a little longer, it’ll be done soon.”

Wen Nanjin waited for her as promised.

Su Yunluo took the pencil and doodled on the paper, then put down the brush and nodded her head in satisfaction.

Wen Nanjin approached her and imprinted a kiss on her cheek, “Finished being busy?”

“Well, brother Nanjin, where are we going to eat?” Su Yunluo asked as she packed her things.

“There’s a private restaurant that’s delicious. I’ll take you there to try it.” Wen Nanjin said.

The two of them soon arrived at the private dining restaurant.


Wen Nanjin had already reserved a private room in advance, and after giving their names to the front desk, a waiter led them to the private room.

The private room was decorated in an antique style, making people feel very comfortable.

The waiter took the menu to the front.

Su Yunluo didn’t know what to eat, so she asked Wen Nanjin to order.

Wen Nanjin asked Su Yunluo what to avoid and then ordered the special dishes here.

In less than 20 minutes, the dishes were served.

Steamed scallops with garlic vermicelli, baby vegetables in soup, boiled shrimp, plum cabbage with pork, and two special Cantonese dishes.

In reality, Su Yunluo was Cantonese, so seeing these dishes made her feel especially friendly.


Wen Nanjin was very happy to see that she was satisfied with her meal.

As they ate, they chatted, and the meal lasted nearly an hour.

Just as they pushed open the door to go pay the bill, the people from the opposite room also happened to come out.

Seeing them, Su Yunluo was stunned.

How did they run into each other again?

“Luoluo.” Mother Qi saw her and said happily.

“Hello, aunt.” Su Yunluo smiled.

Behind Mother Qi were Qi Yunxuan and Mu Yuqing that also greeted Su Yunluo respectively.

Qi Yunxuan was as cold as ever, and Mu Yuqing’s voice was soft, but with a bit of a nasal voice, and looking red-eyed.


It seemed she cried.

Looking more closely, Mother Qi as well as Qi Yunxuan’s face wasn’t looking very good either.

It looked like the three of them talked about something.

It seemed like only then Mother Qi saw Wen Nanjin standing beside Su Yunluo, “Yunluo, this is?”

“Auntie, this is my boyfriend, Wen Nanjin.” Su Yunluo introduced to Mother Qi.

“Hello, I’m Wen Nanjin.” Wen Nanjin gave a polite smile.

“It turned out to be Luoluo’s boyfriend. He looks really talented. Auntie originally thought Luoluo could be my daughter-in-law, what a pity.” Mother Qi’s tone was quite regretful.

Su Yunluo and Wen Nanjin didn’t change their expressions, but Mu Yuqing was about to cry, while Qi Yunxuan’s face had a hint of dissatisfaction with his mother.


He spoke in a low voice, seemingly comforting Mu Yuqing.

“Auntie, we still have things to do, so we’ll leave first.”

Mother Qi nodded, and Su Yunluo took Wen Nanjin’s hand and left.

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Chapter 14: Divorced Wealthy Lady (13)


At last, the medicinal properties were resolved.

Su Yunluo’s spirit relaxed and tiredness then came to her, and she soon passed out.

Wen Nanjin was reluctant to withdraw from her warm body so quickly, and it took a while before he pulled out his rod.

Wen Nanjin hugged her sideways and lifted her legs to the bathroom.

After filling the bathtub with hot water, Wen Nanjin let her lean against his arms and gently cleaned her body.

Su Yunluo was exhausted, and there was no movement during the whole process.

Cleaned up, Wen Nanjin carried her back to the bed.

He parted her legs and inspected the condition of her flower.

Wen Nanjin was inexperienced and was afraid that he would hurt her too recklessly.


Luckily, it was only a little swollen and red, and there was no laceration.

After thinking about it, he still felt uneasy.

Wen Nanjin called his assistant to send the ointment.

In less than half an hour, the ointment was delivered.

Wen Nanjin read the instructions for use, stained his fingertips with the transparent ointment, and slowly applied it to the woman’s flower opening.

Just a moment’s work, Wen Nanjin sweated.

Looking at the erect sex underneath him, Wen Nanjin smiled bitterly and went into the bathroom to settle it himself.

He took another shower before returning to the bed, embraced Su Yunluo’s delicate body, turned off the bedside lamp, and closed his eyes to sleep.


The next day, Su Yunluo slowly opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was the man’s bare and strong chest.

She was startled, and when she raised her head, she saw Wen Nanjin with an affectionate face.

“You’re awake… Is there anywhere uncomfortable?”

The man looked at her with concern, his fingers fondling the woman’s tender face.

When she saw the man’s face, memories of last night came flooding back to her like a tidal wave.

She remembered that she drank the drugged wine by mistake, and then Wen Nanjin arrived.

Picked her up, and then the two of them even had sex.

Remembering that she had pestered Wen Nanjin like a hungry slut last night, Su Yunluo was ashamed.


She clutched the quilt and sat up from the bed, pulling on her sore muscles and moaning out a small, “Mmmm…”

“What’s wrong? Where is it uncomfortable?” Wen Nanjin looked nervous and was about to lift the quilt.

“No. Nothing… “Su Yunluo shyly clutched the quilt.

“Last night… We…” Su Yunluo said after hesitating for a while.

“Luoluo… ” Wen Nanjin interrupted her, “I’ll be responsible for what happened last night.”

Well, Su Yunluo was a bit surprised.

She was going to say that just pretend that last night never happened, but Wen Nanjin said that he wanted to be responsible.

If it were someone else, she would have jumped up and down with joy.

Why did she feel weird?


“Brother Nanjin, you don’t have to do this.”

Wen Nanjin frowned slightly, “You don’t want me to be responsible for you?”

“Brother Nanjin, that’s not what I meant. I’m already grateful that you saved me yesterday, so how can I… “

Su Yunluo hadn’t thought of what to say.

“Luoluo, I didn’t just want to be with you because of last night. I’ve been in love with you for a long time. I really want to be with you. I’m very happy to be responsible for you, and I want you to have me for the rest of your life! Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Su Yunluo was a little flustered when he heard his confession.

‘Many men confessed to me before, and I didn’t feel anything, so how come it’s her turn? I feel my heart beating faster, and I have a feeling of ecstasy. Probably I really like him.’

The man continued, “Luoluo, I know you may still have Qi Yunxuan in your heart. But can you give me a chance to take care of you? And if you end up finding it inappropriate, you can always break up with me.”


Su Yunluo was still stuck in her thoughts.

‘When did she start to like him? Was it the day he bought the pink diamond just because she said something she liked it or that he flew to L country to see her?

Since you like him, just give it a try.’

Su Yunluo made a decision.

She looked up and said, “Brother Nanjin, I can try it with you, but…”

Before Su Yunluo finished her words, Wen Nanjin interrupted her excitedly, “That’s great, Luoluo.”

He hugged her, so happy that his body was shaking.

Su Yunluo hesitated for a moment and slowly hugged him back, “Brother Nanjin, currently, I may not like you as much as you like me! So are you willing to accept it?”

“It doesn’t matter, Luoluo. I’m happy that you’re willing to be with me. I’ll try to make you love me and strive to make you happy.” Wen Nanjin looked at her affectionately.


Su Yunluo looked at him.

‘This silly man.’

However, her heart was stable.

The beloved girl agreed to be with him, and Wen Nanjin felt very happy.

Looking at the girl’s delicate face, he couldn’t help but kiss the girl.

The man’s “sneak attack” made Su Yunluo blush slightly.

Looking at the girl’s shy appearance, the man smiled softly like water.


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Chapter 11: Divorced Wealthy Lady (10)


After the fashion show trip, Su Yunluo took a plane back to China, accompanied by Wen Nanjin.

After getting off the plane, Wen Nanjin originally wanted to invite Su Yunluo to dinner, but unfortunately, Su Yunluo had an appointment, and could only do so.

“Luoluo, we’re here.”

As soon as Su Yunluo entered the clubhouse, Ye Zhen Zhen saw her.

Today was Ye Zhen Zhen’s birthday, and she had invited her sister group to come to a birthday party.

Ye Zhen Zhen led Su Yunluo into the private room, and the others were already waiting.

“Luoluo.” They all greeted Su Yunluo.

Once everyone was here, Ye Zhen Zhen, the birthday girl, was about to make a wish.


The lights in the box were all turned off, leaving only the candle candles stuck on the cake.

Ye Zhen Zhen stood in front of the cake and made a wish with her eyes closed.

Others sang a birthday song for her, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”

After singing the birthday song, Ye Zhen Zhen blew out the candles.

The others asked her curiously what she had wished for.

“If I tell you, it won’t work if I say it out loud.” Ye Zhen Zhen said with a smile.

The group of people ate cake, gossiped, sang, and had a great time.

At this time, the door was opened and Ye Zhen Zhen’s brother walked in.

Ye Zhen Zhen was surprised to see her brother, “Brother, how did you know I was here?”

“I heard your ghostly wailing in the hallway.” Brother Ye’s face was helpless.


Ye Zhen Zhen pouted.

“Shouldn’t you be at the office at this time? Why did you come here?” Ye Zhen Zhen felt a little confused.

“I came over here to talk about some business,” Brother Ye explained.

“So are you done talking? Just sit here for a bit after the talk, it’s my birthday today.” Ye Zhen Zhen was complacent.

“Then you don’t mind if my friend comes in and sits here too? You know him anyway.”

“Okay, it’s only lively when there are more people.” Ye Zhen Zhen nodded.

Brother Ye walked out and came back in after a while, followed by four tall men.

All of whom Ye Zhen Zhen knew, one of whom was still Qi Yunxuan.

When Ye Zhen Zhen saw him, she frowned slightly, subconsciously about to let him out.


Su Yunluo at the side stopped her.

Ye Zhenzhen looked at her worriedly, and Su Yunluo shook her head to say that she was fine.

Although there were five more men, the atmosphere wasn’t awkward at all.

Several men were all able to chat, and quickly became lively.

Su Yunluo’s eyes skimmed over to Qi Yunxuan sitting in the corner, quietly drinking wine and looking very out of place.

After playing for a round, somehow, Su Yunluo found herself sitting next to Qi Yunxuan.

Su Yunluo shook the wine in the glass, at this time Qi Yunxuan struck up a conversation with her, “Miss Su, thank you for helping Qing Qing last time.”

SuYunluo was stunned, “You are welcome, but Master Qi is not very competent. You just left Miss Mu there, next time you should pay attention. After all, not everyone is as kind as me.” Su Yunluo teased.


Qi Yunxuan did not answer her.

After sitting for a while longer, she felt a bit hot and thought that the air-conditioning temperature wasn’t low enough, so she turned it down a bit.

As a result, the more she sat, the hotter she got.

It felt like her face was burning, along with a rapid heartbeat.

Realizing that something was wrong, Su Yunluo hurriedly walked out of the compartment.

[System, what’s happening to me?]

Su Yunluo only felt so hot, she went into the bathroom and pounced on the cold water to cool herself down a bit.

[Host, you’ve been given an aphrodisiac.] The system replied.

Aphrodisiac but she ate and drank the same as them all, how was it that she was drugged?


[Host, a man just drugged the person’s wine, and you drank his wine by mistake.]

[Damn, it turns out so…then why didn’t you just warn me?]

[Host, I wanted to remind, but you drank it all.] The system spoke up in aggravation.

Su Yunluo sighed, [Can that help me undo the medicine?]

[Host, there is an antidote that can help you get rid of the medicine, but you need points for it. Your points are not enough.] The system spoke weakly.

Su Yunluo was about to freak out. ‘This system is too unreliable’

She suppressed her anger, [Then tell me, what should I do?]

[Host, you can get a man to de-medicate you.]

[That’s a really good suggestion.] Su Yunluo gritted her teeth.


Her mind was a mess right now and she didn’t know what to do.

Subconsciously, she thought of Wen Nanjin.

Her body was getting hotter and hotter, there was an itching sensation in her lower abdomen.

‘I really want to… I want something to relieve this itching.’

[Host, I forgot to remind you that you mustn’t get angry, or the medicine will take effect faster.]

[Okay, you can shut up now.]

Su Yunluo’s consciousness gradually began to blur.

She poured cold water on her face again.

She tried her best to keep herself awake, took out her cell phone, and dialed Wen Nanjin’s number.


“Hey Luoluo, what’s wrong?” the man’s magnetic voice sounded on the other end of the phone.

She said intermittently, “Brother Nanjin… I’ve been… drugged… can you… come over and pick me up… the address is in… xxx club…”

When Wen Nanjin heard the words, he immediately said, “Luoluo wait for me for ten minutes. I’ll be right over.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

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Chapter 10: Divorced Wealthy Lady (9)


After a four-hour plane ride, Su Yunluo finally arrived in L Country.

The one who came to pick up the plane was her teacher, Michelle.

Michelle gave Su Yunluo a big hug.

Su Yunluo also hugged her back.

Michelle took her to the hotel for a little rest, then proposed to take her to the show, which Su Yunluo agreed.

Michelle took her to the backstage of the fashion show, where many models were rehearsing.

They saw Su Yunluo and were curious.

It wasn’t that those models had never seen a Chinese face before, but they had never seen one as delicate and as beautiful as a doll!

The models wanted to greet Su Yunluo but were afraid of scaring her.


So they all stood a short distance away watching her.

Su Yunluo was the first to approach them, “Hello, my name is Su Yunluo. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Seeing that Su Yunluo was so proactive, the models also greeted her enthusiastically.

They were very interested in Chinese culture, and asked questions about it, which Su Yunluo answered them one by one.

The atmosphere was harmonious.

When one of the organizers of the fashion show came over, a lady who looked very strong. “Beautiful little elf, welcome to this place.”

“This is Ms. A.” Michelle introduced to Su Yunluo.

“Hello, Ms. A.” Su Yunluo greeted her.

The two then discussed the fashion show.


Su Yunluo had a unique opinion and Ms. A praised, “Betty, you spoke so well. I’m sure we’ll have a great time working together.”

This fashion show with the theme of “Court”, for Su Yunluo, was very easy to manage.

After all, China had a history of 5,000 years.

Each dynasty’s clothing style was not the same.

There were a lot of materials available for reference.

Su Yunluo borrowed from Chinese dynasties as well as foreign court costumes and then fused modern elements to produce a beautiful costume.

The top imitated the style of the Manchurian mandarin jacket.

The neckline and cuffs were bordered by a golden silk thread.

The pattern was the colorful Phoenix peony, which was only used by the empress.

The embroidery technique was also used to bring the pattern to life.


There were modified cheongsam velvet dresses and silk blouses with Qing Dynasty coiled buttons.

On the day of the show, the models wore all kinds of Chinese court costumes on the catwalk.

The exquisite costumes and embroidery craft attracted the attention of all the audience.

All were full of praise.

Through this show, Su Yunluo had successfully opened up her popularity internationally.

When the show was over, Su Yunluo and the models stood together for a group photo but she saw Wen Nanjin standing not far away.

Su Yunluo at first thought she was mistaken.

When the group photo ended, Wen Nanjin was still there looking at her, “Brother Nanjin, what are you doing here?”


“I have some friends with the organizer here. She invited me to come over.” Wen Nanjin explained.

That’s when Ms. A came over, “Rick, you and Betty know each other?”

“Well, it’s my friend’s sister.” Wen Nanjin nodded.

“Oh, no wonder.” Ms.A’s looked at them with an ambiguous smile.

After it was over, everyone met up and went to dinner.

Those models saw how handsome Wen Nanjin was, and one by one, they blushed like a teenage girl.

A few boldly took the initiative to confess their love to Wen Nanjin at the dinner table.

But Wen Nanjin refused, saying that he already had someone he liked.

The girl asked who he liked, and Wen Nanjin smiled but did not answer.

The models were confused as they can’t help but revealed, “The person Rick likes is right here.”


Ms. A went on, “I had invited him to come to the show many times earlier and Rick hadn’t come. This time he even asked to come to the show. I thought it was strange, but now I see Betty and I understand. Betty is the sister of Rick’s friend.”

At this point, everyone understood that Wen Nanjin’s sweetheart was Su Yunluo.

Now, the few models who had just asked questions were unable to say anything.

However, one person still added, “Betty is beautiful and talented. I’m convinced to lose to her.”

The conversation turned to Su Yunluo, and the models were asking how long Su Yunluo had been dating him and how they were getting along.

Su Yunluo was overwhelmed by the questions and looked to Wen Nanjin for help.

“Alright, alright, you guys don’t scare our little elf.” Ms. A smiled.

“Yes, I’m chasing this lovely lady, you mustn’t scare her away.” Wen Nanjin said.

“Come on, I’m optimistic about you.” Ms. A winked at Wen Nanjin.


The models laughed, causing Su Yunluo to be strangely embarrassed and quietly glared at Wen Nanjin.

In front of the hotel.

“Brother Nanjin, why did you say that? They all misunderstood.” Su Yunluo was slightly dissatisfied.

“Is it strange? The man is unmarried and the woman is unmarried. What’s wrong with me chasing you? Or is it that, Luoluo you don’t want to see me?” Wen Nanjin looked like he was joking.

“I don’t mean that. It’s just… ” Su Yunluo felt a little depressed.

Seeing this, the smile under Wen Nanjin’s eyes deepened.

‘What to do? Even in anger, it still is so cute.’


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Chapter 9: Divorced Wealthy Lady (8)


After the charity gala ended, Wen Nanjin drove Su Yunluo home.

“Brother Nanjin, thank you for sending me back.” Su Yunluo unbuckled her seatbelt and was about to get out of the car.

“Wait a minute, I have something for you.” Wen Nanjin said suddenly.

Su Yunluo stopped and looked at him with a puzzled face.

Wen Nanjin took out the box with the pink diamond from his pocket, “It’s for you.”

Su Yunluo was flattered and waved her hand repeatedly, “No, this is too expensive. I can’t accept it.”

Wen Nanjin shoved the box into her hands, “Take it. I was going to give you a present and you liked it, didn’t you?”

Su Yunluo couldn’t help but cry just because she said she liked it, this man gave her such an expensive gift. Su Yunluo was touched.


“Brother Nanjin, this is really too expensive. I can’t accept it.” Su Yunluo continued to excuse.

“This is what you deserve. Consider it my thank you gift for your willingness to be my companion.”

“You’re giving me such a big gift for just being your companion, wouldn’t it be a loss brother Nanjin?” Su Yunluo winked playfully.

“Yeah, why don’t Luoluo give me a gift as well.”

“Then what does brother Nanjin want me to give you?” Su Yunluo asked back.

“Well..” Wen Nanjin was seriously thinking.

“How about this, you be my girlfriend, then I can give you this gift as well.”

He sounded like he was joking, yet his eyes revealed that he was serious.

Su Yunluo was stunned, then laughed out.


“Brother Nanjin stop it, how can I be your girlfriend? It won’t work.”

Su Yunluo did have some feelings for Wen Nanjin but not to the point of liking him, so she couldn’t accept him for now.

Wen Nanjin’s eyes flashed with loss, and then he calmed down again.

Anyway, Luoluo was now single, so he still had a chance.

“Alright, no more nonsense from you. My gift has been given out, there’s no reason to take it back, or else I’ll be angry.” Wen Nanjin put on a displeased face.

“Alright then. I’ll take it. Thank you, brother Nanjin.” Su Yunluo said sincerely.

Su Yunluo got out of the car and turned around to say goodbye to Wen Nanjin.

As the days passed, Su Yunluo continued to be busy for her studio.

On this day, she received a call from overseas, “Hi, Betty, how are you doing?”

“Teacher Michelle, I’m fine, how are you doing?” Su Yunluo asked with concern.


Michelle was Su Yunluo’s close teacher during her college days abroad.

The two of them would call and contact each other now and then.

“I’m fine. I’ve been busy with the runway recently. By the way, I’m calling this time to tell you some good news.” Michelle’s voice was excited.

“What’s the good news?” Su Yunluo’s voice was full of anticipation.

“The design you sent me last time was favored by the organizers of the L country fashion show. They invited you to come to this show.”

“Really? Great!” Su Yunluo was very excited.

She didn’t think she was so lucky to be chosen by the fashion show of L country.

You have to know that country L was the fashion capital of the world.

Many fashion designers were desperate for their clothes to appear in the showrooms of L country.


Having been given such a precious opportunity, it also meant a big step in the dream of becoming a famous fashion designer.

“Of course it’s true. I have your invitation right here. It’s next Saturday, so are you coming over?” Michelle asked.

“Sure, I’ll be there,” agreed Su Yunluo without hesitation.

“It’s settled then. I’m looking forward to meeting you next week.” Michelle hung up the phone happily.

Back at home, Su Yunluo shared the good news with her own family, who were all very happy for her.

Next, she began to prepare for her trip to the L country.

The fashion show was on the following Saturday, and one had to go there early to find out what was going on.

So Su Yunluo booked a flight for the following Monday.


The night before the trip, she received a call from Wen Nanjin, “Luoluo, I heard from your brother that you’ve been invited to the fashion show in Country L.”

“Yeah, the costume show is on Saturday. I’m going over there tomorrow.” Su Yunluo spoke up in a cheerful mood.

“Congratulations Luoluo, it looks like Luoluo is going to be a celebrity.” Wen Nanjin teased.

“Brother Nanjin, don’t make fun of people, they’re nervous.” Su Yunluo’s tone of voice unconsciously brought a little coquettishness.

“Don’t be nervous, relax. I’m sure you can do it.” Wen Nanjin said to comfort her.

“Mm… I know.”

“Go to bed early. You have a flight tomorrow. Good night.” Wen Nanjin bade her good night.

“Goodnight.” Su Yunluo hung up the phone.


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