Chapter 35: Deep Lover (10) On Friday was the annual Qixi Festival, the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day. Gu Yiyin had been busy recently. It had been a long time since he had a good date with Su Yunluo. On this day, he wanted to go on a romantic date with her. A week ago, he […]


Chapter 34: Deep Lover (9) It was Mother Gu who reacted first in the end. “You’re Yiyin’s girlfriend, right? Hi, I’m his mom.” Su Yunluo hastily wiped the foam from her mouth. “Auntie, how are you? I’m Su Yunluo.” She invited her in to sit down in the living room. After that, a glass of […]


Chapter 33: Deep Lover (8) Su Yunluo hadn’t had much to drink tonight, but the aftermath of that wine was strong. Later, the drink kicked in. The whole thing just got a little woozy. She rested her back against the couch. “Luoluo, are you okay?” One female colleague looked at her worriedly. She shook her […]


Chapter 32: Deep Lover (7) Although Yang Mulin cherished Yang Pei Shan, he knew that with her ability, she couldn’t manage the big company. In case he retired, there would be no one to succeed him. Moreover, Yang Pei Shan was pure and could easily be taken advantage of by someone with an ulterior motive. […]


Chapter 31: Deep Lover (6) Today, when Gu Yiyin came home from work, he was carrying a rectangular object wrapped in a black cloth bag. Su Yunluo was curious. “What’s that?” Without a word, he unzipped the black cloth bag. The cat cage was presented, and inside was an orange kitten. “Wow. So cute.” Su […]


Chapter 30: Deep Lover (5) Having had enough to eat and drink, the crowd wasn’t in a hurry to leave. A group of men, a group of women, each playing a game. The men played a card game in the living room, while the women opened the mahjong table and rubbed mahjong. Since they were […]


Chapter 29: Deep Lover (4) Part 2 The people were poking fun at each other in all kinds of ways, causing Su Yunluo to feel a little embarrassed. “Where are the sisters-in-law?”  Gu Yiyin asked again about the group’s family members. “They’re all working in the kitchen.”  One of them pointed in the direction of […]


Chapter 29: Deep Lover (4) Part 1 Gu Yiyin found that ever since he came back from his business trip, Su Yunluo began to slowly change. In the past, Su Yunluo wouldn’t even take the initiative to ask him about his affairs, where he took her on dates, the little gifts he prepared for her, […]


Chapter 28: Deep Lover (3) Gu Yiyin returned from a business trip today. The moment he stepped into the house, he was stunned for a moment. For no other reason, he saw Su Yunluo cooking in the kitchen. The two of them had been dating for so long, Su Yunluo had never done any hands-on […]


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